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Welcome to The Low Waste Weekly by Lisa Gibson

A platform aiming to educate & inform on everything from lowering everyday waste to leading a more plastic-free lifestyle.

Podcast of the month: Rubbish Talk

At present, the waste industry seems to be peppered with insightful and informative podcasts; having discovered another gem, I thought it was worth sharing. The latest one to have joined my roster is the Rubbish Talk podcast by Albion Environmental Ltd, hosted by waste professionals Alasdair Meldrum and Jane Bond. Each week, the podcast follows…

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High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes – Part 2

A couple of years ago I wrote a post called ‘High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes’ and it’s been insanely popular ever since. I’ve updated it a few times, the more recycling schemes I’ve found. However, I felt it was time for a fresh post featuring even more schemes I’ve come across when out and…

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How bad is our global plastic pollution problem?

By now, you should be well aware of the climate emergency. How our planet’s global temperature is set to exceed early predictions of 1.5oC warming; oil & gas use as well as a myriad of other things being blamed for this rise. Well, among this myriad being blamed is pollution, specifically plastic pollution. In this…

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Eco-Reads Series.

Volume 8 . How Bad are Bananas? “As the title suggests, this eighth version of my ‘eco-reads‘ series looks scientifically at the carbon intensity of our everyday items. From a plastic bag to flying abroad to, you’ve guessed it, buying and eating a banana”

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Flatlay of the book with a pair of bananas bottom left and a plant top left. On a checked background.

Volume 11. The Plastic Problem by Aubre Andrus “Want a whistle-stop tour of all things plastic? From its creation, development and (unfortunate) demise into an environmental burden? Well, The Plastic Problem is for you!”

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Podcast of the month: The Beyond Waste Podcast (by CIWM)

Podcasts are a big love of mine. They’re a great way to digest information, without the need to necessarily sit down and take time out of your busy day. I’m always searching for new podcasts to listen to, and I recently came across a brand-new one by the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM)! If…

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Being Greener with your Finances

There are many ways in leading a more planet-conscious lifestyle. From avoiding plastic in your food shop to swapping to a journey on foot instead of driving. However, have you ever considered being greener with your finances? Whether that be who you bank with daily, to where (and how) you spend your money, there are…

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I completed my MSc Environment & Sustainability! | Thoughts & Reflections

Hello! I should probably say welcome back because it’s been quite a while since I last updated The Low Waste Weekly. There is a good reason though (which you can guess from the title) I completed my MSc Environment & Sustainability! It’s felt an age since I started the Master’s degree (way back in October…

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High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes

“From supermarket recycling bins to schemes with generous rewards, lowering waste is no longer something you have to go out of your way to do. The chances of your local supermarket or high street having ways you can recycle are now very high.” Read more

Sustainable Razors: FFS vs Estrid

AD: This post contains previously gifted pr products, which is marked with a * When I first dipped my toes into making sustainable swaps, a razor was actually one of the first things I bought. I found Friction Free…

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Crunch Time by ODDBOX | Eco-reads Volume.12

Being an avid user of ODDBOX for a couple of years, seeing the release of their brand new ODDBOX cookbook, had me at hello. If you’re unaware, ODDBOX is a company that save fruits and vegetable from farmers/growers who…

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I Spent £20 on Vinted: What I Got & My Experience on the App

One of the best ways to help the environment when it comes to your wardrobe, is to shop secondhand. There are millions of garments out there that are perfectly wearable but have been thrown to the back of someone…

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