A Sustainability Tour of Brighton

Originally published in November 2019.

On Wednesday last week I jumped on a train and headed down to Brighton, the aim being to visit lots of sustainable stores for my university project. As I am predominately focusing on the zero-waste/tackling the waste crisis, I chose to head down to Brighton as it is well known how sustainable the town is. I’ve been to Brighton once before (but that time being for a night out with my friends.. so a little different!) so was a lovely chilly autumn afternoon to walk around, visit shops (and a cafe) that I genuinely wanted to explore. Despite Brighton being over an hour away by train, it was a genuinely enjoyable and a productive day, one I wanted to share some of the Sustainable hotspots I found, so recommendations for your next trip to Brighton!

BackWood Sustainable Cafe. 3 – 4 Circus Parade, Brighton, BN1 4GW

My first stop was for a coffee! Backwood are a cafe who’s aim is to be completely zero-waste. It is a lovely little cafe, were I sat and had a Flat White in the corner after my train journey. It’s interior is very Instagram (so made for a fab photo opportunity!) They offer coffee, sandwiches and salads (all packaging-free of course) as well as a whole range of cakes. Definitely worth a stop off!

Wastenot, Zero Waste Shop.Unit 9, Open Market, Marshalls Row, Brighton BN1 4JU.

I found this little treasure online before coming to Brighton so made the effort to visit here especially. It is a little shop within the Open Market and has a whole host of sustainable goodies including reusable makeup pads, plastic free plasters (a new discovery for me!) as well as a very large refilling station, all extremely reasonably priced. I had a chat with owner of the shop (as part of my research for university!) and the lady who runs the shop was absolutely lovely!

Lucy and Yak101 Gloucester Rd, Brighton BN1 4AP.

Lucy and Yak are a brand I’ve seen do the rounds on Instagram for a while now due to their strong stance on sustainability. The shop is painted bright pink so you definitely cannot miss it if you do happen to walk past. I had a little look around at all the brightly colour dungarees (I even tried on a pair but unfortunately didn’t quite look right on me!) and I even spotted a organic cotton backpack that had my name written all over it, I think I’ll add that to my Christmas list to Santa!

HISBE Supermarket Rebels20-21 York Pl, Brighton BN1 4GU.

Finally is a Sustainable supermarket I happen to find completely by chance! It’s full of everything you’d expect from a Supermarket but of course everything is eco-friendly, from fresh fruit and veg, soaps and shampoo bars, to a huge selection of refilling pumps! Even a shampoo and conditioner pump, something I have rarely seen out and about before. I was honestly so excited walking around , I felt like a kid in a candy shop, so much sustainability!

So there we have it, my Sustainability tour of Brighton. There was most probably a million and one other places to visit that I missed as the town is incredibly sustainable, a return trip will definitely have to happen as these types of shops are my absolute favourite, well done Brighton for being so eco-friendly, you go Glen Coco!

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