Eco House Book by Terence Conran | Eco-Reads Volume. 1

Books on the market that centre around the idea of Sustainability has grown to tremendous heights in recent years, more so now than ever before… or so you would think. In a recent trip to my local library, I picked up Eco House Book by Terence Conran. Dazzled by the eco-style branding and design, it was soon in my hand and ready to be brought home. Centred around home renovation and how to create a house that is truly eco-friendly, the book was actually first released in 2010.  With Conran being an incredibly acclaimed writer, Eco House Book being one of over 50. 

I was interested to give it a read and see if there were things I could implement into my own home (albeit a rented one bed flat) and live more Sustainable in my everyday habits in the home, and to that I feel I accomplished, to a degree.Topics covered within Eco House Book vary from the design structure of building a house; lighting, roofing, electrics etc. to which of course is not relevant to my current living situation, but nonetheless makes for an interesting read.  The imagery within the book is most definitely a sight to see, with images of stunning architecture and design on a background of bright lights and blue skies.  With this, it makes for both a read where you can leisurely flick through at your own accord or have an in-depth read into particular parts of the home.

On the whole, I found it a very useful read and took tips away I can implement around the home. An example being, as our current flat has a dishwasher, I was always of the impression they used a lot more water than by hand, but what the book specifies is the complete opposite, therefore I can happily carry on using it with piece of mind!

Eco House Book is the type you can place happily on a dining room table and pick up when the mood fits, this a quick read or not. It’s most definitely the type to catch your imagination

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