HOW TO: Have a Low Waste Pamper Evening

Originally published in August 2020.

Despite life still seemingly on the slower side now compared to usual, there’s still nothing wrong with having a good ol’ pamper evening. I find one extremely necessary on occasions, to make myself feel good again and get that fresher feeling back. With this, it is incredibly important to me, to consider how wasteful my pamper routine is, with this being something I have really tried to streamline in the past year, really considering the products I have and the waste I may or may not be creating by using them. So, here are a few recommendations as well as a handy at-home hair mask recipe that both helps you unwind as well as be low waste in the process – it’s win-win really!
Removing Makeup & Cleansing 
To start a pamper routine it is, of course, important to be begin with clean skin. My product of choice is a make up remover from a zero waste shop on Etsy, from The Zero Waste Maker. With the product being in a glass bottle, with natural ingredients the remover acts as a way to break down make up & cleanse as well. Leaving my skin incredibly soft and being a very low waste product to use; Glass being a material that can be broken-down and recycled almost endlessly. 

Natural Hair Mask: Egg & Castor Oil
A recent discovery and ~thing~ I’ve been doing is at-home hair masks too. With my hair a tiny bit dry and needing some TLC, I did a quick google search one evening and discovered an Egg & Castor Oil mask that’s both sustainable, as both are 100% natural ingredients and don’t come in plastic packaging. I had my doubts but it surprisingly did make my hair feel nourished! To create the mask you simply:

– Crack 2 Eggs into a bowl & mix well
– Add 1 tablespoon of Castor Oil
– Apply all over hair & scalp
– Leave for approx 30 minutes; wash out with Shampoo (advised not to use Conditioner)

The original recipe was from a website I found: link here 

Face Mask
Once my hair is clean from showering the hair mask off, next is a Face Mask; the perfect pamper. Having discovered Australian skincare brand Sukin now do Biodegradeable Face Masks, I thought I’d place an order, to see if they are any good. At £4.95 for one they are relatively pricy, but I justify it as a Pamper Evening for me is an every-so-often thing, so consider it a little treat.  The Super Greens mask I bought is so refreshing and 20 minutes after applying, my skin felt so freshen and revitalised. With the mask being biodegradable, I am assured it will naturally breakdown and not be a polluting sheet once placed in the bin!
Face Moisturiser 

Once the mask it off, I added a touch of my moisturiser. UpCircle are a brand I discovered on Instagram and having read into how sustainable and waste-fighting they are, I bought their Face Cream almost straight away.. (I was in need of a new cream anyway, I don’t usually shop that erratically!!)  Being a few months into using it, I find the formula incredibly soft, sinking into the skin so well. I wrote a more in-depth review, when I first purchased it, which can read here!
With a cleansed face and clean hair.. the final step of a pamper evening for me is to sit back and read a good book… thus concluding my Low Waste pamper evening! 

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