Low Waste Skincare: UpCircle Face Moisturiser

Originally published May 2020.

Being a lover of all things Sustainability and developing a strong passion for lowering my everyday waste (and overall trying to be as sustainable as is possible for me), when it comes to skincare there is no exception. Having used up my cheaper Olay face cream (which my mum randomly gave me for my birthday last year) I’d been on the hunt for a replacement. In walks in UpCircle.

Having come across UpCircle on an Instagram ad, and having a good read into their brand, I discovered just how ‘Low Waste’ they really are. UpCircle has a USP of using natural materials that would have otherwise been discarded and thrown away;  transforming them into natural skin care products, this concept was something I absolutely fell in love with and just had to buy myself a product to try…

Priced at £18.99 for a tub of 50ml face moisturiser, it veers a little towards a mid-range price point. However, when considering all the good they do to help the Low Waste movement, it really did sit better with me. £18.99 for just a face cream really shouldn’t be something I spend my money on, considering everything going on in the world but you have to treat yourself!

The moisturiser comes in a glass tub and with an aluminium lid; both being extremely recyclable materials. As well as it being Vegan and Cruelty-Free, the cream is made from repurposed Argan Shells; a by-product of the Argan oil industry. I feel it was this part that really sold the brand to me. The way they take otherwise wasted products and give them a new lease of life!

UpCircle has a USP of using natural materials that would have otherwise been discarded and thrown away.

When using the cream, it is very soft and does have a fresh and rich scent. Similar to argan oil you’d use in your hair. It’s light enough that a little goes a long way, which is amazing in terms of being cost-effective. As well as it sinking into your skin very well, not leaving a residue or anything nasty.

On the whole, I think I can wholeheartedly say I think I’ve found my new favourite skincare brand. I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest skincare user. Face moisturiser and the odd cleanse is as far as I go (and miceller water for make-up removal). However, this brand will definitely be bookmarked if ever I feel I want to jazz up my routine a bit. Any brand that actively improves an industry and moves it towards waste-cutting, sustainable solutions, I’m here for, so three cheers for UpCirlce I say. 

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