Say YES To Oxfam’s Secondhand September 2020

Originally published on 1 September 2020.
With the start of September and thus the first month of the Autumn season upon us, so begins Oxfam’s Secondhand September Campaign. Designed to motivate people to only shop secondhand throughout the entirety of the month. This being in an Oxfam (as well as other charity shops). As well as on websites such as Ebay or Depop, or a simple clothes swap with friends.

Shopping secondhand has never been easier. With 13 million items of clothing ending up in UK landfills every week [source: Oxfam] it has never been as important for our planet. By saying YES to the campaign, there is hope that millions of tons of garments will be saved from landfill. As well as it sent an important message to the polluting fast fashion brands. The FF brands that are a continuous problem to our planet and environment as we know it.. 

The pledge is to shop second hand only for 30 days or more, with it giving clothes a longer life than buying new. For me personally, I tend to not buy clothes that often anyway, but if I were in need of something this month, second hand it will be.

If you are interested in taking part in the campaign, I suggest heading on over to Oxfam’s website. There are lots of useful resources as well as lots of vital statistics to help educate on just how important secondhand shopping is! Link: here

I hope everyone has a joyous secondhand September! As I said earlier, I’m not one for buying clothes at all anymore. But I have recently bought a secondhand sofa for our new flat. Buying it from the British Heart Foundation, so in the spirit of it, I’ll dub that my pledge for the month. Happy (secondhand) shopping everyone!

[I have no affiliation with Oxfam or any other brand connected, there has been no sponsorship to write this post – I am just very enthusiastic for the campaign!]

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