How To Go Waste Free by Caroline Jones | Eco-Reads Volume. 3

A long-established fact by now is that becoming completely ‘waste free’ in the home is an almost impossible task. Well to the average everyday folk such as myself it is. Whether it be disposable income not covering the slightly higher price point some more Sustainable products are marked at, or simply down to an alternative way of living being a little out of reach. Think Refill Shops; they’re out there but not down every high street (I sadly do not have one at all near me!)

But having said this, what is achievable for us all is to dramatically decrease the amount of waste we create and cause. With ‘How to Go Waste Free’, I found this an incredibly handy guide in providing helpful advice to alter everyday habits. For me personally, it was nothing too groundbreaking. But, what was listed amongst the 123 pages was solid facts and tips to inspire waste reduction.

Within the book, the author Caroline Jones covers areas such as where to start your waste-free journey. As well as parts of the home that can be tackled and handy cooking advice to get the most out of your food shop. I would highly recommend this as a pick-up-and-put-down type read. It doesn’t require masses of your time (hence it targeted at ‘busy people’). With each page only consisting of a hand full of to-the-point facts on tackling waste.

If you’re a person who doesn’t have a great deal of time, this is a great book. It’s simple yet incredibly effective; one to refer back to time and time again.

How to Go Waste Free by Caroline Jones

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