Planet Positive News: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond.

Being positive in 2020 can often feel like an alien concept to us all. With an ever locked-down world and more and more mentally draining hurdles to overcome, this in the forms of socialising and going about our everyday. It can feel especially negative with the ever dreary Environmental news, seeing the dangers our pleasant world is facing.

But, in a bid to raise spirits and show a glimmer of light in the dark, I’ve compiled five news stories from weeks gone by. In what will become a regular feature, this week’s Planet Positive News sees a change in leaders, supermarkets (beginning to) change attitudes as well as other positivity in-between.

Joe Biden Elected The 46th President of the United States.

I feel this first nugget of news needs no introduction. But, if not you will have read the delightful news of Joe Biden being elected President of the USA. Taking the reigns from notorious climate-denier Trump. Biden has strong plans and policies to tackle the Climate Crisis. With talks of him wanting to set up a separate White House solely dedicated to tackling the Environmental Change; President-elect Biden means positivity for all.

Asda launches ‘Sustainability Store’ in Middleton, Leeds with positive responce.

It was revealed mid-October that Supermarket chain Asda had unveiled a Sustainability Store in Middleton, Leeds. Which housed countless package-free groceries with vending machine-style apparatuses housing a whole manner of dried goods. It’s an extremely positive step in the right direction for Sustainability. As it was extremely well-received, with hopes it will be rolled out nationwide in the future.

McDonalds introduce plant-based burgers.

Now love it or hate it, McDonalds is a fast food chain that is here to stay. Found on every high-street, they serve millions of burgers every single day to the people of Britain. Well, this week they announced plans to unveil a Plant-Based burger. Given that reducing our meat consumption is vital for the continuation of our Environment, this is great news! It is said to be available early 2021.

China Pledge to go Carbon-Neutral by 2060.

Global powerhouse China has a fair share to answer for when it comes to air pollution. With their many factories and nuclear powers, they must begin to take proper environmental action as a country. Well, they have announced they are pledging to be Carbon-Neutral by 2060. One hopes this benchmark won’t be a case of too little too late. But we’ll have to check back in 40 years to answer that…

Reading Climate Festival Begins; Inspiring ‘Positive Climate Change’

And finally, this week marks the start of Reading Climate Festival; a virtual festival aiming to bring educational talks and events to the public to discuss the importance of the climate crisis!

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