Why Is Sustainability So Important?

A question so incredibly complex, with so much behind it. Yet, can too be answered in a couple of short words. Sustainability is a practice so important, so essential in prolonging the world as we know it today.

Without sustainable practices in all aspects of society, the world’s temperature will rise beyond what is habitable. Our Bio-Diversity will die out, and in turn, the human race will be gone… sound dramatic?! It does rather, but that is the bare bones of it. This is why Sustainability is so important. Making the right life choices and backing the right world leaders so to curb the potential catastrophe.

We have all seen the horrors by now, plastic swamping river upon river globally. Plastic is a mammoth problem that is harming every part of society. With plastic entering our food chain, it poses a real risk to Bio-Diversity. If there is a loss of species, our food chain will be on the brink of collapse. So to with plastic filling our landfill sites, this leads to dangerous Methane gasses released into the air. Ultimately contributing to rising temperatures.

With plastic entering our food chain, it poses a real risk to Bio-Diversity.

A curb on plastic consumption positively impacts a wide area of our society. But with statistics revealing just how much plastic is still being created and consumed, it is incredibly worrying the lasting effects that it can cause.

Sustainably tackling plastic is just one of many important factors to maintaining our world’s environments. But with this, Capitalism as a whole, how it is currently, is a very large problem. The basics of the more-more-more ways of Capitalism means more ‘stuff’ is wanted, bought and desired. Therefore waste is being created by the millisecond, not to mention the pollution caused by planes, trains and cars. Capitalism’s effects on Sustainability needs an article in itself. But, the long and short sees the whole system possessing a great threat to our planet.

As mentioned above, Sustainability is important as it slows down the rate at which the climate is changing. The phrase being coined climate change to climate crisis illustrates just how south the handling of it all is going thus far.

Sustainability is important as it slows down the rate at which the climate is changing.

Of course, we as individuals can do our bit in the everyday choices we make. But for the everyday folk such as you and I, this only goes so far. It stops a piece of plastic from ending up in a landfill, or one fewer dress being made in a sweatshop in Bangladesh. But, it is estimated just a small percentage of individuals within society (e.g. the Figureheads, CEOs and Billionaires) responsible for the vast majority of Carbon Emissions. It is difficult to believe change will ever truly happen in this ever-present greed of a Capitalist world.

Ultimately, as a glass-half-full type person, I do hope the ones at the top will understand why Sustainability is important, As 2050 (the estimated year in which true catastrophe will start to show) will be upon us fast than we all think.

Sustainability is important in ensuring our world is habitable. We have a food chain that feeds everyone; both animals and humans as well as having bearable temperatures, sea levels and drylands. Without Sustainability, the world would be a very different place – this is why it is so important.

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