The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale | Eco-Reads Volume. 4

A complete comprehensive guide to being Sustainable(ish) would be the best way to describe this little treasure of a read. To give it the praise and admiration it deserves. At this point, I have read quite a few ‘Sustainability’ books, ranging from short pick-me-ups to full novels, and by far this is the best I have come across, in terms of covering every aspect imaginable around becoming a more eco individual.

With light-hearted humour, well-researched information as well as a message that ultimately says you’re allowed to not be ‘perfectly’ sustainable, hence the ‘ish’, the book is incredibly well-rounded. Gale writes about how sustainability is a journey for us all individually. It entirely depends on what your lifestyle allows. Therefore, being Sustainable-ish in your eating habits (as an example) is completely OK!

Within The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide, Gale writes about how sustainability is a journey for us all, individually.

Each chapter focuses on a different area of life. With Sustainable(ish) Guides to Travel, Family Life, Fashion as well as being Zero Waste(ish). What’s also desirable is the way it can be both a leisurely ‘pick-up-and-put-down’ book as well as one to sit and devour. I found myself reading 1/2 chapters each night. But, it can be the sort where you refer back to it for advice if you need it in the future.

I picked it up in my local library and am considering buying it for my bookshelf too. As it can be a little handy guide if ever I need some help with my Sustainability.

Overall, I strongly recommend this book. As I utterly enjoyed each page of this book, it was humorous, honest and incredibly useful. Packed full of advice to alter everyday habits, for every walk of life. I don’t often rate the books I read out of 10, but if I did this would be a solid 11!

The Sustainable(ish) Living Guide by Jen Gale

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