The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free 2in1 Body Bar by Foamie

In my ongoing quest to reduce waste, I am often intrigued (and very excited) when I discover new brands. Brands that are paving the way for Sustainability, in whichever form. My latest discovery comes in the form of Foamie, a Beauty Bar brand that is 100% plastic-free, vegan as well as being free of all the nasty chemicals often associated with any lotions and potions of this nature.

The discovery actually came via my mum, who kindly sent me a little lockdown, pre-Christmas treat. With various bit & bobs, this Skincare Bar was in-amongst it.

Being a Magpie towards anything marked ‘eco’, ‘plastic-free’, ‘sustainable’ et al. I almost immediately opened to inspect. Both the smell as well as the overall uniqueness of it drew me in. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it both lathered and made my skin feel post-shower.

Plastic waste associated with Shower time is likely a huge problem for most of us. It’s something I have worked on for well over a year now. A switch to soap over shower gel being my staple. So to add in a soap bar that also naturally moisturises, like this 2in1 bar, is utter genius.

If like me, you hadn’t heard of Foamie before, having done some digging I discovered they do a whole host of other beauty bars from Shampoo, Conditioner and others alike. With the bar designed to be hug over you taps (or other places you may have within your shower) with the little string attached, it doesn’t make a mess either – revolutionary.

For your next Sustainable swap, if you’re in the market for a new soap or body bar I highly recommend Foamie. I’m extremely impressed for a brand I discovery completely by chance – thanks mum! You really picked a great beauty item.

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