A Very Merry Christmas

A Very Merry Christmas on a cream background, with animated fairy lights across the top.

Hello! Merry Christmas! How we’ve made it to the 24th of December when that gloomy covid-announcement day in March was only yesterday, I’ll never know (that’s the first and last C-word drop of the entire post, I promise).

In the spirit of taking a well deserved break over this festive holiday, I wanted to write a little post to simply thank you all, whoever you are reading for the positive and successful launch for The Low Waste Weekly[.com] this year, for every single one of you who has read and commented, I cannot thank you enough. It does truly mean so much to me, every comment, every view.

With my old blog feeling as though it had had its day; the good ol’ Blog Eighteen[.co.uk]. This fresh new website, solely centred on Sustainability, has given me a whole new lease of life with online content creation and writing, so thank you so much all, for the positive response!

For now, I’m going to be signing off for a couple of weeks; a new Low Waste-related post back on Thursday the 7th of January. As I have started a new job and thankfully was able to be home in North Wales for Christmas, I want the next few weeks to be about relaxing and spending quality time with my mum – but come new year I know I’ll be as motivated as ever to continue the Low Waste education on here (I’m a sucker for that new year motivational buzz!)

Merry Christmas everyone!

So, for now I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope you all are able to make the most of a rather crap year. Casting aside all the negativity 2020 has brought. See you in the new year folks for fresh new content (and clearer outlook!)

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