Planet Positive News 2: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond

With the tail end of last year and the beginning of 2021 being a little bleak to say the very least, in the spirit of looking up, staying positive and trying our best to ignore all the world’s turmoil, today I have put together a second list of news that has broken over the past couple of months, that definitely gives us means to be happy.

From UK funding being pulled from under the feet of the overseas fossil fuel industry. To there being a glimmer of hope in global temperatures. Despite everything going on around us, there have definitely been some positives to celebrate!

1. Planet’s temperature goal ‘within reach’ according to analysis

An article released in December 2020 saw analysis reveal the global rise in temperatures could reach 2.1ºC. Which is the best outcome compared to the earlier predicted 3ºC rise (that would see disastrous effects). It’s of course not the best scenario. But with powerful countries such as China stating they are hoping to be carbon-zero by 2060. The 2.1ºC rise could at least see life on Earth in 2100, compared to extinction if temperatures continue to soar…
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2. The UK stopping funding overseas Fossil Fuel projects

A truly great article from December 2020, the UK has revealed that Government has agreed to stop funding overseas Fossil Fuel projects, previously being funded by the UK taxpayer. This is in a bid to cut carbon emissions by 55%. The fossil fuel industry is of course one of thee most damaging industries for the planet, therefore cutting funding is very a positive celebration!
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3. Winner of the Earth Photo 2020 Competition

An absolutely stunning look at this years Earth Photo prize winner won by ‘Jonk’, gives a view of the beauty of our world. The image being from a series of abandoned spaces in Georgia – most definitely worth having a look at and admiring!
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4. Veganuary 2021

With it estimated that over 400,000 people signed up to Veganuary last year, this year is set to be even bigger. With an incredibly positive shift in the western world’s diet. The connections between veganism and environmentalism is clear, we all as a collective need to reduce our meat intake. But it’s not possible for us all to be completely Vegan. So, to see so many taking the challenge, even if just for a week, is an incredibly positive step in the right direction!
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5. Solar Electricity is at it’s Cheapest in History

Solar Electricity is at it’s Cheapest in History
By now, we all understand the positives to Solar energy. How it greatly defies fossil fuels in almost every sense, well it has now been revealed its cost to buy is lower ‘than any other method of production’ – making it more affordable for the masses. Further developments are being made, with hopes it’ll be one of the more preferred energy sources. It most definitely gives us all hope.
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There we are, a handful of planet positive news stories over the past couple of months. Small wins in-amongst all the negativity; I hope it lifted your spirits as much it did mine!

3 thoughts on “Planet Positive News 2: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond

  1. A really interesting post. At a time when solar energy is something that we’re starting to discuss in our house, it’s great to know that the prices are at their best.
    The temperature goal info is reason for much needed optimism too!
    Thanks for sharing!

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