Minimal by Madeleine Olivia | Eco-Reads Volume. 6

Exploring the world of Minimalism, and its connections to Sustainability form the basis of Minimal by Madeleine Olivia. Being a self-confessed over-buyer of clothes, makeup and things alike in years gone by, the author confesses to a realisation a few years back of her environmentally damaging ways, and soon realising the need to cut back. Something a lot of us can most definitely relate to.

Olivia writes about the topics of Waste & Sustainability, Minimalism and The Home. As well as such areas as Food & Drink over the cause of 297 pages. Confessing to her pass ways yet educating the reader of how she went about minimising her everyday habits. This in both an enlightening yet interesting tone. I very much enjoyed Minimal, picking up on many handy tips, enjoying the light-hearted but important words she wrote.

It was packed full of new information (for me!). From recipes for waste-tackling meals to recipes for alternative natural cleaning solutions. As well as how to make homemade facemarks, creams and the alike.

What I liked most is how it wasn’t condescending, the tone was both informative and educational but not overly pressurising, coming from the angle of ‘minimise areas of your lifestyle that suits and works best for you‘.

On the whole, it is a definite recommendation. Not only from a Sustainability/Minimalism angle but for the appearance too. I am I sucker for a book looking pretty on my book shelf and in this instance it ticks all the boxes!

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