The #Project10Pan Makeup Challenge

A few weeks back I wrote an in-depth post on a Sustainable makeup bag, how to go about streamlining your collection, cutting down on its plastic content and overall auditing the products you choose to use and invest in. Similarly, I today wanted to show the contents of my makeup bag. Well, the 10 products I am prioritising to use up and go about replacing with more sustainable options.

The #Project10Pan challenge may be something you are accustom to you by now. If you’re a regular viewer/reader of beauty bloggers and those alike. The premise is you choose 10 products to use up and you’re not allowed to buy any new makeup until all 10 have ‘hit pan’.

For me it’s a little different, as I simply do not buy much makeup anymore. The contents beyond the 10 products mentioned I do own, are a handful other things; simply one of everything I need. Therefore, the version of the challenge I’m doing is to use them up to simply get rid of them. To recycle of course, never throw to landfill!, this in order to replace with either refillable or fully plastic-free versions!

So, without further ado, let me talk through the contents of my 10 pan challenge. With the ideas I have to replace them sustainably.


The skin category includes: Erborian Primer, Revolution Foundation, Tom Ford Powder, a Bronzer (name has rubbed off!) and a Revolution Highlighter. These products are a combination of being extremely old (ala the TF powder), been given to me by friends or my mum or simply bought a couple of years back. Meaning, for the most part I’ll be glad to use them up and have a refresh.

Most I will not replace. I’m not crazy into bronzer. Nor a mass of highlighter. With an SPF moisturiser being a better primer for my skin. But in terms of Foundation, this is a product I’m currently looking into. What the best product for both my skin and planet is. Whilst I ponder I’m giving my skin some breathing space! Powder too, I’m looking into refillable loose powder in tins, as an alternative to plastic-cased powder.


Eye-wise the products I’m using up is the Original Naked Palette (Urban Decay). As well as Max Factor Kohl Liner & a YSL tester eyeshadow palette.

The Naked palette has been with me since the dawn of time, as you can tell by the state of it, it most definitely needs using up! Kohl liner is something I’m not a huge fan of (preferring liquid) and as my mum gave me this last year, I’ve decided to properly use it up before recycling (so not to waste). Finally is a YSL palette, one of my best friends’ mum gave me last year! one of the shades is actually the perfect brow shade, so I feel this product will be gone in no time.

I have another 3 palettes in my draw, therefore using these up will simply allow me to streamline my eyeshadow palettes; even 3 seems a bit excessive to me nowadays. I love to wear makeup. But, 1 or 2 palettes that can be used day or night is definitely enough for me.


For lips, a very old product I’ve held onto is a Maybelline Red Lipliner, having used it on and off throughout the years, I feel now it needs using up and saying goodbye! With my Sephora Liquid Lipstick, I absolutely adore this shade but as it is nearly finished anyway, I’ve it included in my #Project10Pan to use up and as Sephora unfortunately test on animals, it won’t be something I repurchase.

I have a lot of other lipsticks so this part of my makeup most definitely doesn’t need replacing. 2014 Lisa was a lipstick-buying-addicted, so using up a handful would do me some good; I have a separate makeup bag full of lipstick. So working my way through them definitely would make a good declutter!

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