The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free Cleansing Face Bars by Ethique

Ethique may be a brand you are familiar with by now. Their bright plastic-free packaging and amazing work done for the sustainable shampoo/skincare industry is second to none. I’ve been eyeing up their products for quite a while and finally visited one of their stockists; Holland & Barrett to finally buy something from them!

As I was out of face cleanser it was the perfect time to make the switch to the plastic-free version. I went for the ‘In Your Face‘ cleansing bars which are made with “coconut oil, mandarin & sweet orange essential oils and lots of sea salt“, with the box containing 5 small bars, priced at £14.99 ($17.99 USD)

Under running water, you take one of the bars and create a lather in the palm of your hands. Before applying to your face as you would a regular cleanser. My first impression is extremely positive. With the bars creating a gentle cleanser the left my face feeling so clean afterwards. This combined with the sweet orange scent, which was incredible fresh.

The Ethique bars scattered on yellow material.
A Birdseye view of the Ethique box containing information on how much plastic is saved, by being plastic-free.

Having been founded by New Zealand-born Brianne in 2012, Ethique has grown exponentially and is now stocked and shipped worldwide. Since then, their range has expanded to include so many plastic-free alternatives to plastic-bottled products. With it estimated that “120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry” [], the need for plastic-free alternatives such as these are imperative.

Overall, I’m very impressed by these bars. I now don’t need to go back to a bottled cleanser, a plastic-free bar works just as well!

For more Low Waste Trails, you can visit the Low Waste section. I’ve previous reviewed a handful of other plastic-free items. These including natural shampoo & conditioner as well as plastic-free shower bars – check them out if you’re interested.

6 thoughts on “The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free Cleansing Face Bars by Ethique

  1. I can’t wait for sustainable products to become the norm, especially when they’re generally received so well. Plastic in particular seems to be a huge problem now, and I posted recently on micro-plastics, another menace. If only consumers began to demand a focus be placed on plastic-free alternatives, the transition I’m sure would be relatively painless

    1. Exactly, I cannot wait either – I have started to see the odd big brand (Garnier as an example) release plastic-free products but on the whole, brands aren’t doing nearly enough to cut down on plastic.

  2. I never heard of this brand, but this sounds great! I really need to swap my cleanser and other skincare bits for solid ones. I find it easier to find cruelty free and vegan ones, but need to take the next step still! Thank you for sharing x

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