Platforms to Follow for Informative Climate News

Whether it be through mainstream media or social media, how we consume climate news is different for us all. I personally flit between a range of websites. As well as a core variety of social media platforms that offer a wide perspective on the climate crisis day-to-day; these particular platforms are what I am to speak about in this post.

In order for me to provide the most up-to-date information about our environment for this site, I’m often in a cycle of consuming all the latest news. So, without further ado, let me talk through five platforms I would recommend adding to your daily news cycle!

Recommended News Platforms

Climate Reality
They provide updates all day everyday on climate news, with the platform initially being founded my Environmentalist Al Gore. I find it incredibly informative and often will visit the page to find articles. They don’t over complicate the language and give climate news in it’s honest, simplest form.

Bloomberg Green
An extension of the news giant Bloomberg, Bloomberg Green cover wide scale topics surrounding environmental news. I find BG a little more intellectual, covering areas such as the political side of environmentalism. Often news stories that wouldn’t appear on my feed otherwise. They also have the ever aesthetic handle of simply ‘@climate’ on Twitter too!)

Having only recently discovered Birdsong, I have quickly grown to find their Instagram platform very informative. Their simple infographics and social media strategy as a whole is incredibly well-crafted. With topics covered including the mistreatment of garments workers (and what can be done to help).

EarthRise Studio
Having followed the founders from their Youtube days, it’s been inspiring to see them branch out into Environmental Activism. Similarly, their Instagram platform called EarthRise Studio. They provide easy-to-follow, yet in-depth infographics on topical climate stories/articles/news – a big recommend if you have an Instagram account.

Last year I was luck enough to test the beta version go GoodHuman. Being given early access by the team and I have been using it ever since! It is an app packed full on articles on all areas of Sustainability. Users are able to link their website articles into various streamboards for an easy viewing experience – definitely worth downloading.

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