Bedside Overhaul: Redecorating with Small Businesses

A long needed bedside overhaul. When it comes to interiors, it has only been up until recently I have really taken interest in the space I call home. This being a combination of binge watching Interior Design Masters on BBC (highly recommend). As well as up until August last year I was living in a less an aesthetic student bedroom where there wasn’t much scope for sprucing it up!

I have since move into a rented 1 bedroom flat with my boyfriend. Despite there still not being too much we can do with the place, the clean slate of white walls and bright lightening is worlds away from student living. My previous north-facing bedroom was as dark as a cave!

The small interiors project I decided to embark on has been to redecorate my bedside table. As the other side of the bed is against the wall, it was just the one table I have had to redo. Wanting to be as sustainable as possible, the items I’ve chosen were either from small businesses or using items I already own. So, continue reading to see my ideas behind my little rejig!

Bedside Before

As you can see the ‘before’ of the bedside was plain with not much colour. The lamp has been well-loved having been bought back in 2017 for university – it lasted me very well. Not wanting to wasteful throw it away, a few weeks back I actually upcycled it and moved it to the living (post here to see the difference!)

With the white walls we have (and not allowed to paint) it falls down to leaning prints and decorations on the furniture we own to really be able to jazz up this space. As the clock I have is a rich terracotta it was this colour scheme I wanted to play with. To be able to bring more colour to our bedroom and bedside…

Clock Book Tall Candles Shell Candle Lamp Print

Besdie After

.. and here we have it! My new side table. I’m so pleased with how it turned out as it didn’t require a whole lot of ‘stuff’. The print by Natalia Bagniewska really brings my side-table to life with the orange working well with the terracotta.

The lamp I chose turned out a little smaller than my clock. It seemed odd when placed straight onto the table. Instead, I elevated it slightly with an old book I’ve owned for years, bringing it above the clock (which I feel works so much better!)

Overall, the candles and colour scheme are something I’m so happy with. Going to bed smiling as I see it all before putting the light off!). It’s not the biggest transformation but it’s exactly as I pictured in my head. Having used small businesses too it feels extra special, let me know what you think!

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