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Despite reading my fair share of books surrounding the topic of Sustainability, this seventh offering, Who Cares Wins by Lily Cole, brought a whole manner of new, insightful information to increase my understanding of the developing climate crisis.

Over the space of the 400+ pages the scope and level of comprehensiveness that Cole went into was astounding. The non-bias views and storytelling really painted a clear picture of the point she was illustrating.

Of course, a book is never completely non bias as Cole had her own opinion, on different aspects, but rather she created an argument from both sides. The perfect example being her chapter on Diets, referencing quotes from people with various arguments. Some stating a vegan diet being the most planet-friendly, others being against this, with a completely different argument.

It was incredibly clear that Lily Cole had done her research. Knowing lots of the right people to interview and gather quotes. She delightfully finishes the book reliving an interview she did with non-other then Stephen Hawking!

“It refreshing to see Lily Cole’s passion for environmentalism pour through each page”

Not only was the scope of the book incredibly comprehensive, I enjoyed Cole’s writing style. It was informative but light in some parts too. I found myself reeling off the chapters with ease.

Something that was a first from what I have read in the past, the way the pages are laid out, it included a generous margin. This allowed Cole to elaborated on technical words and phrases. With words being underlined and then explained further in smaller text in the margin! The author made sure the reader was fully understanding of what was written – this not only very clever, but inclusive too.

The type of content included explorations into the Climate Crisis’ links to the power of money, technology, citizens of the world (& consumerism). As well as considerations and ideas of solutions.

In one sentence simply, Who Cares Wins was incredibly impressive. Despite it’s length, I didn’t feel it was a drag. Finding it refreshing to see Lily Cole’s passion for environmentalism pour through each page. I found I learnt a lot and it gave me a chance to form my own opinions and debates.

As the title suggests, she most definitely offered optimism in our changing world…

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