5 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Listen to

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love listing to podcasts. Granted I do go through phases where I don’t think to pop one on. But, at the moment I’m back to commuting into London for work, so for that 40 minutes up to London Victoria, a podcast is a perfect way to pass the time.

I’ve listened to a fair few great episodes lately, and amongst them, there has been a lot of great sustainability-related topics discussed. So, I thought I’d share! Below are five great podcast episodes centred under the umbrella of sustainability. From themes of ethical fashion to tackling plastic waste. They’re all well worth a listen, if like me you’re trying to kill a commute time or simply want some recommendations.

1. Happy Place by Ferne Cotton: David Katz

Ferne interviews David Katz, an entrepreneur who is fighting our world plastic problem. He is incredibly insightful and talks passionately about the things he and his company are doing to help.

2. Is Ethical Fashion out of touch? by Common Threads

An interesting debate about the accessibility of ethical fashion and the comparisons to fast fashion. Common Threads is hosted by Alice Cruickshank and Ruth MacGlip; well worth a listen.

3. Can you save the planet with your mobile phone? by Age of Plastic 

An interview with the founder of Reboxed, Phil Kemish, a company fighting e-waste. They are “making it easier and cheaper to buy or sell certified refurbished devices with them than buy new”. The episode talks all about the mass tech waste currently swamping the earth.

4. Road to COP26: The IPCC’s New Report by The Climate Pod

If you’re confused about the recent IPCC report, this episode of The Climate Pod explains everything incredibly clearly; demystifying some of the confusion!

5. Climate Change by Breaking Down: Collapse

An interesting debate and chat, covering everything under the umbrella of climate change, by hosts Kory and Kellan.

Bonus Podcast People’s Jam: ‘Lisa – Choosing to Live Sustainably‘ 

A couple of months back, I was kindly asked to be a guest on People’s Jam. I talked about all things sustainability and it was incredibly exciting to be asked! If you want to hear my North Wales accent talk about low waste and living sustainably – I’ve linked it above!

I recently wrote a separate post on platforms to follow for sustainable news too, if like me you like to consume everything eco-related.

8 thoughts on “5 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Listen to

  1. Podcasts rank next to music on my ‘listening list’ as I am a big fan of listening to something when I am exercising. I love the idea of trying out Common Threads so as to learn something while doing something. 🙂

    1. I absolutely love Podcasts, I listen to them more than music! Common Threads is great, this epsiode I mention and many they have released since are so educational/interesting!!

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