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Investing in package-free cleaning and moving away from buying a new bottle of your Dettols or Methods everytime you run out, is the single best thing you can do to be a more sustainable cleaner. The pandemic may have heighten our want for cleanliness, but that shouldn’t mean you becoming unsustainable.

There are a whole load of brands on the market today who are creating genius product to cut plastic. With nifty tablets that dissolve in water, and refill options popping up left, right and centre. By choosing more eco-friendly options, you’re doing a whole lot of good whilst keeping your house sparkling.

One brand that is doing just this is NeerSol, which I have been trying out recently. Recommending brands that are genuinely doing great (& innovative)) things to reduce waste, is always one I support. Once I had read their mission, I knew that if you read The Low Waste Weekly, you’d definitely be interested in learning more!

“With each refill you are helping reduce 8 million tons of annual ocean bound plastic”

NeerSol are a package-free cleaning company who are set out to reduce plastic waste and make the earth a cleaner and safer place to live. Their tablet ingredients are free from nasty ingredients such as Ammonia, Alcohol and Phosphate, while also being affordable too. Their products working out £1.74 per litre. That’s compared to the £2-£5 of other sustainable cleaning products.

Overall, I found their glass cleaner to work incredibly well! I found an old empty spray bottle in my cupboard, and having added warm water, the tablet dissolved quickly. I’ve tried it out on my windows/shower screen and it cuts through dirt very well.

As the tablet comes in a paper pack, I can put it in the recycling bin. Knowing then, it will be recycled. Using cleaning products which are package-free, like this, really cut down on the endless bottles hoarding the cupboard under the sink. It’s one of the best ways forward to tackle our plastic crisis.

You can shop Neersol here. Backing sustainable small businesses is one of the best things you can do. Not only to support them, but for the planet too.

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