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Everyday sustainability is the main focus of Join the Greener Revolution by chef Ollie Hunter. It’s a part cookbook, part factual advice-type book, making for not only an easy read but an extremely comprehensive one too. Written by a man who knows what he’s talking about (which is always what we want!)

Chef Hunter, a Masterchef semi-finalist, has worked his passion into waste-free, sustainable cooking. Owning The Wheatsheaf pub in Chilton Foliat, which amazingly was named Most Sustainable Business a few years back. With this, he’s written two books, Join the Greener Revolution being his second.

As Hunter is clearly a very talented chef, the book is divided into 3 sections, with adjoining recipes completing each chapter. Topics covered including ‘Your Home’, ‘Your Community’ and ‘The World’, with each chapter giving practical advice for living low waste. Furthermore, the opening pages detail his ethos towards food and the planet. Stating simply that his three main principles are Zero Waste, Organic and Seasonal, with 50% of produce within 30 miles.

I’d say if you’re a foodie, who likes to explore new recipes, with an interest to cook more sustainably, this is definitely the book for you. Likewise, it’s packed full of practical advice even if you aren’t interested in cooking along. There’s also a sprinkling of humour throughout it. Which I always find to be nice, when reading the sometimes ‘doom and gloom’ feeling you get when faced with this topic (climate change).

His three main principles are Zero Waste, Organic and Seasonal, with 50% of produce within 30 miles

Overall, I rated this book very well! It covers most area’s of sustainable living, without being too far fetched or out of reach. Moreover, it made me want to get in the kitchen. To make the absolute most of the foods I’m cooking with and consuming. For example, coffee grounds from my cafetiere; there’s a great recipe to use these for a coffee bread (which I’m definitely going to bake one day!)

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