Green Christmas by Eilidh Gallagher | Eco-Reads Christmas Edition🎄

Hello everyone and happy December! It’s incredibly cliché to say, but I genuinely cannot believe it’s nearing Christmas already! To kick off the month, and thus some festive content, I’m giving you a Christmas edition of eco-reads. This being a little book, Green Christmas by Eilidh Gallagher, that I picked up at my local library. Which speaks thoroughly on all things sustainable around the Christmas period.

In ‘Green Christmas‘, Gallagher covers topics such as Food Waste, Decorating and Gifting if you’re wanting to have a good time this month. But, without the worry of overconsumption and wastefulness. I have to say since I began my ‘journey’ (wow, yet another cliche!) to be more low waste, Christmas has always been a time it has really tested me. But, I’m slowly learning how to be sustainable, such as eco-gift wrapping hacks.

We live in a world of more more more and moving away from this at Christmas has been a struggle. But, what Gallagher does is reign in that overwhelm and struggle, with simple and effective ways to quite literally have a green Christmas.

It’s a perfect short read that’s not overcomplicated and highlights easy ways to decorate, gift and entertain over the festive period. It gave me plenty of ideas as I begin to plan Christmas (yes, I’m the sort that doesn’t think of Christmas until 1st of December!) Especially how to wrap gifts in a low waste fashion (she details a great way to wrap with fabric!)

It’s a lovely little book to pick up over the festive period, if you’re in the market for an uncompromised sustainable Christmas!

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  1. This sounds great! I love looking for new ways to be sustainable and I think it’s so easy to push sustainability to the side around Christmas (with trying to keep up with traditions etc.). Thank you for sharing!

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