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As we near the end of 2021, I look back at this year as a great year for my sustainable development. Sustainability is a challenge for most of us, with knowing what the right and wrong thing to do, incredibly difficult. But, this year I have definitely learnt to move away from unsustainable items. Realising I either don’t need to buy them anymore or find a more sustainable alternative. Below I have collated a handful of items I no longer bought in 2021, for that exact reason:

Shampoo in Plastic Bottles

2021 was the year I officially converted to shampoo bars for good. I tried some really great bars this year, from Object, Ethique and Zero Waste Path – I shall be continuing this trend in 2022.

Plastics for Cleaning

This year I’ve really tried to move away from buying endless plastic bottles of cleaning product, instead moving to refillable solutions. I’ve managed to continuously use my SMOL plastic-free dishwasher cleaner/laundry tablets, as well as cleaning solutions such as glass cleaner from Neersol and anti-bacs from Ocean Saver and Spruce!


Being a lover of Tuna, but understanding the effects mass-fishing is having on our environment (recommend Seaspiracy on Netflix!), 2021 was the year I found a Tuna alternative. After trying some truly disgusting attempts, I finally found Future Tvna by Future Farm. A planet-based tuna that tastes just as real tuna does, but no fish was harmed. I highly recommend trying!

Disposable Toothbrush Heads

I mentioned at the beginning of the year I bought two recyclable toothbrush heads for my electric toothbrush, by Brushd. This has meant I haven’t had to continuously buy or wastefully through-away toothbrush heads this year!

Fossil Fuels!

I mentioned in my previous instalment in this series, in March, my apartment building switched to Renewable Energy. This is a fantastic step, as we should all know by now fossil fuels have incredibly detrimental effect on our planet.

Disposable Facemasks

Of course, in 2021 it is hard not to go a whole blog post without mentioning the current situation – so I’ll keep this brief. Unlike last year, when I had no idea how to navigate a pandemic sustainably; I continuously used, washed/sanitised and reused my three trusty material masks throughout this year. Not one surgical mask graced my face.

I understand there are times, others don’t have an option but to use one. But, I have spotted in many supermarkets now, recycling boxes for surgical masks (Morrisons for example). So, if you do need to use one – make sure to dispose of it correctly!

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7 thoughts on “Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱

  1. What a great list! I made a similar switch to a refill store that refills all my bottles of cleaner and personal items instead of going out and buying more plastic bottles I just have one now! As well, from the start of the pandemic (yes last March) bought reusable fabric face masks and I’m so happy as I always see used and wasted masks everywhere and it’s heartbreaking for the environment. Thanks for sharing your swaps!

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I started off at the very beginning of the pandemic with the throwaway masks but quickly realised how wasteful that was. I unfortunately don’t have a refill store anywhere near my house, which is so frustrating, if I did I’d be there every week!!

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