Ethical Knicker-glory with Bedstraw + Madder

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When it comes to underwear, I’ll be honest, I’ve previously put little thought into their sustainable credentials. Seeing them more as a necessity. But, having recently been introduced to Bedstraw + Madder, I now realise they really should be something I’m more considerate of. Now, who are Bedstraw and Madder you ask? Well, let me tell you! They are an ethical knicker company, creating beautiful garments from regenerative cotton.

With their collection of beautiful knickers, having been learning more about the brand, I’m amazed to learn how much they are powered by plants; the brands powerful slogan. Each garment has been grown from seeds and dyed with planets – no chemicals in sight. Yes, really! They truly are one of the most ethical companies I have ever discovered.

“Pants without Pollution”

As I have mentioned, I have been kindly sent some of their underwear, which I am only too happy to introduce to you. As we all know by now just how polluting the fashion industry is. With garments flooding the rails, lined full of damaging plastic fibres. Bedstraw + Madder’s underwear not only saves 70kg of chemicals from entering our water systems, but they support our biodiversity too. I highly recommend reading their story.

What is regenerative cotton? It is simply a process of being as planet-friendly as possible in the farming of cotton. From protecting biodiversity to the land the cotton is picked from. It is a process which creates the most conscious cotton there can be! In other words, this ethical knicker company really puts the planet and people above all else.

And so there we are, a truly wonderful company to introduce to you! Whenever I am ever gifted anything to speak about on The Low Waste Weekly, I make sure its a company that aligns with my values. Them being a company who prioritise producing planet-conscious items. And as you can see, Bedstraw + Madder well and truly have that covered. You can shop their underwear here.

4 thoughts on “Ethical Knicker-glory with Bedstraw + Madder

  1. That’s amazing! I have to say, I had never spared a thought towards sustainable knickers before. But these sound amazing, I’ll definitely check out the brand. When you think about it, it’s so important to have good underwear made of materials you know are good for you since they’re so close to your skin on a day to day basis! Thank you for sharing xx
    Em –

    1. I was exactly the same, hadn’t thought twice, but it’s so important to consider your underwear! Glad you enjoyed the post, definitely worth checking them out xx

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