Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market

In the world of sustainability, new products are coming to market at a rapid pace, more and more as our planet’s climate woes continue. Adopting a low waste lifestyle has never been more important, with shampoo bars are great swap to start off. I’ve compiled five low waste shampoo bars currently on the market, which I’ve tried and tested. Some good, some bad and some incredibly messy (read on to find out!). You may be looking to swap your current shampoo or simply here to discover a new brand, whatever your situation, I hope this will be useful to you.

OBJECT – £14.00

[previous gifted pr product]

Having been previously sent this shampoo bar to review, my honest opinion is, I really loved it! It lathered easily, making for a hassle-free hair wash, with a fruity scent. Being circular shaped it made gripping it easy, as I smoothed it over my hair to wash; something that can be a struggle with square shampoo bars!. A thoroughly great shampoo bar recommendation.


With argan and jojoba oil, this 2in1 shampoo bar is, if I’m being bold, one of the best shampoo bars I’ve ever tried. It lathers beautifully and works incredibly well in leaving the hair feeling soft and healthy. Despite a relatively small, square bar, it lasts a considerable amount of time (way longer than bottled shampoo). For the price it’s most definitely worth it. This would be the first shampoo bar I would recommend if anyone were to ask!

BAIN & SAVON – £6.00

Whilst I am a complete convert to shampoo bars now in 2022, back in 2019 this was the first ever one I tried and, well, it completely put me off shampoo bars, at the first hurdle! Bain and Savon’s offering didn’t lather one bit and left my hair feeling incredibly disgusting; so greasy and heavy. They may have improved their product 3/4 years down the line but my honest opinion is this is not a recommendation from me.

ETHIQUE – £14.00

Ethique are most probably a zero waste brand you are very familiar with, if you like to choose sustainable products like me. Well having a blonde balayage, I’m always trying to keep the ends of my hair ashy blonde. Whilst this product smells divine, and somewhat kept the warmth out of my hair, the MESS it created in the shower is very off-putting.

The natural ingredients mean the purple runs everywhere. I constantly had to wipe my tiles down days later because of spots of purple. I understand it is a purple shampoo but I’ve never experienced such a messy hair wash routine! Definitely something to bare in mind if you’re thinking of purchasing.


This shampoo bar by Faith in Nature is the newest brand I have tried, with it currently my go-to for hair washes. With the ever delightful scents of shea & argan, it is not only easy to use, lathering instantly, my hair has been feeling very fresh once dried. At £5.79 a bar, despite not using it up yet to judge how long it lasts, I feel it’s an affordable option. With Oxfam charity shops being a large stockist of the brand. Definitely worth a try, with Faith in Nature having a plethora of other scents in their shampoo bar collection!

5 thoughts on “Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market

  1. Thank you for this review.

    I’ve wanted to try shampoo bars for a while now. I only wash my hair a few times a week because it’s so dry, so it’s great to hear which ones are more nourishing.

    1. Thank you! I think shampoo bars are a fab swap for cutting down on plastic. They can take a while to get used to, but once you’re used to using them, they’re really great!

  2. I have been totally converted to shampoo bar for the last couple of years and honestly I have seen such a great change!| I have tried plenty but my go to are Lush and KinKind!

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