A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey

On a sunny Friday afternoon, last week, I decided to take myself on a little day out to Reigate. Living in West Sussex, the Surrey town is very easy to reach by train, with the town’s train station a short walk from the centre. Having visited a couple of times before, I thought this time I would scope out all the sustainable places I’ve eyed up in the past and pay a proper visit. With the intention of writing up a proper ‘sustainability tour’ of the town.

Below, I’ve put together a small guide of everywhere I visited. From a vegetarian cafe, zero waste shop (a classic!) and some charities shops with true hidden gems. Next time you’re struggling for places to visit, maybe Reigate could be your go-to!

A shop front image of The Gardent cafe in Reigate, with sage green door. A white car is parked front of the cafe.

The Gardent, Vegetarian & Vegan Cafe

53A Lesbourne Rd, Reigate RH2 7JX

Being a short walk from the centre, this cosy cafe had everything you need for a delightful lunch. Being Vegetarian and Vegan they had a combination of diary-based food options as well as pure vegan. An example being the feta and roasted vegetable jacket potato I had – they clearly mark everything on the menu, so don’t be discouraged if you are vegan! I had an oat milk flat white too and it was very very good! It was a lovely little spot for lunch.

New Leaf Zero Waste Shop

3 Prices Lane, Reigate RH2 8BB

It wouldn’t be a Sustainability Tour of post on this website without mentioning a Zero Waste shop! Being a 30-minute walk from the centre, New Leaf is situated in the Woodhatch area of Reigate. Nevertheless, it had a large variety of zero waste options – so it was worth the trek! They had a large selection of refillable dry goods as well as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Also foods and eco-household items. I was very impressed and only wish I had a similar shop in my local town!

Excuse the reflection of the protective glass!

ASHD Sustainable Hair Salon

19 Bell St, Reigate RH2 7AD

Having recently had a look into sustainable hair dressing (something that hadn’t crossed my mind in the past) I discovered ASHD in the town centre. Being part of the Green Salon Collective, ASHD have an incredibly strong stance on every area of Sustainability. From recycling as much waste generate as possible, refilling their shampoos and conditioners as well as being run on renewable energy, they really cover all basis.

I was visiting Reigate for a consultation at the salon and have an appointment booked in for March, so am very much looking forward to my sustainable hair appointment!

Charity Shops & Secondhand Shops

Good ones include: British Heart Foundation, St Catherines Hospice & Rework It

With Reigate being a relatively wealthy area, it is very much reflected in the quality of clothes donated. The towns charity shops offer so many amazing quality items, it’s genuinely on par with the charity shops on the Kings Road (in my opinion). I walked away with a Cashmere sweater for £6 on the day I visited (it’s RRP being £89.99 for context!) so that demonstrates how nice the items are – definitely worth a visit!

If you like these Sustainability Tour of posts, I’ve previously written ones for Brighton & Southampton.

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  1. The Reigate Sustainability Market is held on the second Saturday of every month on the high street

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