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With it being estimated that we throw out 1,000 kitchen sponges everyday, we have a serious waste problem on our hands. Everyday, millions of us use cleaning products lined with tiny microplastics, which unfortunately are polluting our planet. Keeping our houses clean shouldn’t cost the earth. Creating an eco-household should be something we all strive for as individuals and action needs to be taken fast.

A reduction to the plastic consuming lifestyle is something I’m incredibly passionate about and aim to provide cost-effective, useful advice on doing so. In keeping with this, let me introduce you to Seep – the company who are on a mission to revolutionise everyday cleaning. Offering plastic-free, affordable products to eliminate plastic from your cleaning routines. Sound good? Well, let me tell you more!

Seep was born out of the founder Laura’s frustration with the current plastic-laden products on the market. Wanting greener alternatives, she decided to develop Seep – wanting to be part of the solution instead of creating more pollution (an absolutely great line taken from their website!). They partner with the charity On A Mission in order to be Climate Positive. Therefore, what they give back to the planet, exceeds what they take. An example being, they donate a percentage of sales to reforestation projects.

“Creating an eco-household should be something we all strive for as individuals and action needs to be taken fast.”

The bamboo dish brush has been so handy for washing those dishes that can’t be cleaned in the dishwasher. What I find fascinating too is its biodegradable properties, as it’s plastic-free, once this has reached its end, it will natural degrade! The same can be said about the Loofah cloths. They’re so soft, making cleaning my bathroom a whole lot easier (product is never smeared all over the porcelain!)

If you do visit their website, you will notice just how transparent they are with how every item is made, and what of. From where it is designed, to its carbon footprint (which it likely does not have, due to offsetting!),

I’m so pleased to have discovered Seep. I’m genuinely in awe of the quality and care that has gone into the creation of the products. Being a pending B-Corp, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out to see if they pass the test! As I’ve said multiple times on this website, I only like to recommend brands and products I genuinely support. Seep being a definite recommendation.

You can use code LISA15 for 15% off your first order!

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