Fashion for Good, Amsterdam – World’s First Sustainable Fashion Museum

Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam, Netherlands

Situated off Rokin metro, the Fashion for Good museum is the world’s first interactive sustainable fashion museum. Exploring past, present and future themes, the three-floored exhibition integrates immersive elements with creative decor and information to go beyond what is typically taught about sustainable fashion.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend adding it to your travel list, if ever you’re in Amsterdam. Below I have curated information and photographs from my visit to the museum. If you want to learn more about the museum, you can head to their website.

Who are Fashion for Good?

Originating as a platform for sustainable fashion innovation, the initiative focuses on “sparking and scaling technologies and business models that have the greatest potential to transform the industry”. Providing support to innovators in the industry to move to more planet-friendly practices, all through their various programmes.

We have all become accustomed to the bad practices of the fashion industry, with reports almost daily of its unethical ways. Often it can be cast aside on the damaging ways in which material is produced. With little regard for the sheer amount of waste that is created from clothing. At Fashion for Good, you’re taken through the journey of how clothes are made to what the industry is currently doing and offers in terms of sustainability.

What I did enjoy was the way the exhibition highlights current young designers in the industry and the innovations that are underway. For example, the middle image below displayed a dress, whose material is created from orange fibre. This showing the truly wonderful inventions in the industry; using such items as orange peel to create a durable material. No plastics or unsustainable material to be seen!

Additionally, as it is an interactive museum you’re given wristbands to tap throughout which form a list of ‘commitments’. As we were given various suggestions to be more planet-friendly, e.g. washing our denim less as we went around. I found these elements so useful (and fun too) with a list as long as my arm by the end!

Overall, the exhibition was a truly fascinating hour. An insight into the future of sustainable fashion so interesting to read. It makes me very excited to see the composition of clothing in the coming years; you could be wearing a top made of orange peel too very soon!

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