Low Waste Deodorants on the Market

With the deodorant industry estimated to waste tens of millions of tonnes yearly [1], switching to a plastic-free version is a brilliant quick fix to lower everyday waste. Over the past year, I’ve tried a handful of plastic-free deodorants with some fairing better than others. Below are five different offerings currently on the market, from both small businesses to more established brands; my honest opinion being given to all. If you’re on the hunt for a low-waste deodorant, there may be one below which takes your fancy!

SCRUBBER – £5.99 each

[pictured above – AD previous pr product]

Despite being quite a creamy, heavy formula, Scrubber’s deodorants are definitely a recommendation of mine. They smell so fresh and lasts all day! They offer four different scents and seemed to instantly work for me. Definitely one of the better plastic-free deodorants; worth a try.


This melon and cucumber stick is the latest plastic-free deodorant I have tried and in my honest opinion? not the best. Despite the formula smelling incredibly fresh, and applying to the skin smoothly, it didn’t last long at all. I found myself having to reapply numerous times. With it being warmer in the UK at the moment, I need my deodorant to last; a disappointing offering from Salt of the Earth.

YOKU – £5.36

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Yoku was a brand I discovered on VEO, and found it to be a very long-lasting formula. The deodorant comes in a glass tube, so does mean you have to apply it with your fingers. Making it a little messy. But despite this I had no complaints, and found myself still being fresh at the end of the day; the paste-like oil formula sinking into the armpits and creating a definite barrier to stop the sweat!

FAT & THE MOON – £5 – £12

I bought a small tester pot of this Fat & The Moon deodorant, wanting to try it before committing to the full size. My opinion? another great recommendation! Again, it is the type you have to apply with your fingers, and as it is quite a hard formula, you must warm between your fingers before applying. Meaning, this is definitely something to consider. However, I did find it to last a while, and not finding the need to reapply.


The tangy orange scent is definitely something that hits you, once you push up the stick deodorant, making it very fresh on the skin. Lasted all day and applies incredibly smoothly on the skin (almost like butter). Plus, it is available on the high street, as I found this in Holland & Barrett – another win!

Swapping to a low-waste deodorant is just one of many great ways to be more sustainable at home. There are so many other great small steps, but it’s a great first step to take. So, make the swap today!

10 thoughts on “Low Waste Deodorants on the Market

    1. I’ve never tried any deodorant from Lush, I must check it out! We are definitely making progress, with a lot more sustainable options available.

  1. I definitely want to try one of these. I love that more and more companies are making attempts to be more environmentally friendly. It gives you hope when there’s a lot of shit going on!

    1. It definitely is a positive more and more companies are moving to more sustainable products – here’s hoping the plastic/aerosol deodorants are banished very soon!

  2. Good reviews! I haven’t tried plastic free ones yet, mostly because I haven’t seen them on stores and am not onboard If ordering cosmetics-hygine items online. But you maybe gave me a nudge to try. Bookmarked Scrubber for now.

  3. It’s amazing seeing all the low waste and more sustainable options that have come about in the last few years. I think brands are really figuring out that there is a market for this type of product (and that we should all be focused on eco-friendly pracitces). Thanks for making me aware of these options!

  4. This post has honestly come at the perfect time, I’ve just run out of my deodorant and I’m looking for a more eco-friendly one. I’ll defiantly be checking these out, they all sound great. Have you got a favourite? Thank you so much for sharing with us lovely Xo

    Elle – ellegracedeveson.com

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