High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve started to notice a lot of ‘sustainable’ products on offer. Whether that be shampoo bars merged in with the mainstream bottles on the shelf of Boots or refills for plastic-free deodorants, it’s a very exciting time. It can only be seen as a positive. Brands are beginning to take note of the environmental demands to use kinder and less-planet-destroying materials. But, with more and more sustainable products popping up on the high street, it can be hard to know what’s good and what’s not. So, having tried and tested a fair share of sustainable products, I thought I’d compile a list. A list of high street sustainable products, that can be found in the UK (and worldwide too) – enjoy!

Rhyme & Reason Shampoo and Conditioner

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Being stocked in lots of high street retailers, Rhyme & Reason have a number of notches on their sustainability meter. From their packaging being made from 100% recycled plastic to the brand being certified cruelty-free too (confirmed by PETA). They’re also part of 1% for the Planet – a great climate change initiative to back. In terms of the products themselves, I was actually very surprised at how luxurious both the shampoo and conditioner were.

The formulas were very thick, with the shampoo taking a little while to lather (but that just adds to the luxury feel). The fragrance was suitable but lasted on the hair once dry, as well as a little going a long way – always a bonus (especially in these financially hard times). Having tried and tested; I would highly recommend!

Available in: Boots, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Target (US) and on their website.

We Love Deodorant

We Love deodorants pride themselves on being 100% certified natural and have designed their these sticks to be packaged fully in paper tubes. This eliminates the need for plastic waste, creating a more low-waste routine for the consumer.

The tangy orange scent is definitely something that hits you, once you push up the stick deodorant, making it very fresh on the skin. It lasts all day and applies incredibly smoothly on the skin (almost like butter). If you’re interested in other low-waste deodorants, you can find a full list of others I’ve tried and reviewed here.

Available in: Holland & Barrett and on their website.

The Body Shop – Refillable Handwash

The Body Shop are a familiar retailer on most global high streets and has been a staple for a number of years. Known for their high street sustainable products. Early in 2021, they reintroduced refill stations across 400 of their shops worldwide, offering shampoos, conditioners and handwashs in their newly designed aluminium bottles.

I picked up one of their aluminium bottles and opted to try their Shea Butter handwash. We’ve now been using this in our bathroom for over a year and have refilled it a number of times. I find it to be a strong, fresh smell and works very well. Their handwashes are both antibacterial and nourishing, my hands are clean and soothed simultaneously – what more do you need from a handwash?! I really love this scheme and will continue to refill this bottle at The Body Shop for the foreseeable.

Available in: The Body Shop worldwide

Waken Toothpaste

Waken is an oral health brand I’d seen dotted all over Instagram (as well as in a number of retailers here and there). Their pastel-coloured aluminium tubes caching my eye and upon learning of their sustainable credentials, I knew I had to try. Their toothpaste tubes are made of sustainable materials, being fully recyclable. Waken are also carbon neutral, meaning they compensate for the carbon emissions they create.

I found the toothpaste lasted a long time and their spearmint flavour feeling fresh when brushing. However, I can’t say my teeth felt as clean as they do with standard Colgate or Aquafresh. I didn’t love it but I didn’t hate it. But, It’s worth a try, as they’re a lot better for the planet compared to bigger brands.

Available in: Waitrose & Partners, Lloyds Pharmacy, Boots, Sainsbury’s and on their website.

9 thoughts on “High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested

  1. It’s so wonderful to see sustainable products and alternatives to plastic packaging. I recently found Secret deodorant in a cardboard tube, and Oral B dental floss in a refillable container and cardboard packaging. We need to see more of this!

    1. It is isn’t it, so great to see! You spotted some great finds. We definitely need more sustainable products in places like supermarkets, makes them more accessible too!

  2. I’m so happy that supermarkets are including zero waste items too! I have seen the We Love deodorant around a lot, but I currently use Wild. Next time I’m in town, I will be going to The Body Shop to get some rose shower gel in the refill bottle, can’t wait x

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