Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022

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Lowering waste and finding ways to live a more plastic-free lifestyle is an incredibly deep passion of mine. I mean, it’s the entire centrepiece of this blog I write! So, when I discovered an awareness campaign focusing on just that, I had to shout about it. In October, the 17-24th to be exact, is Recycle Week 2022. A campaign created by Recycle Now, it celebrates recycling across the UK. The aim is to “galvanise the public into recycling more of the right things, more often” [WRAP, 2022].

With the world producing 141 million tonnes of plastic packaging a year and the use and disposal contributing to around 1.8 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually, raising awareness of recycling, to combat this, is incredibly important [WRAP, 2022].

This year’s theme is titled ‘Let’s Get Real’ and centres on challenging “perceptions and myths around recycling, and target contamination to improve recycling behaviours”. Recycling is very important to tackle waste, but recycling correctly is even more vital. Did you know, if you throw a dirty plastic pot in a recycling bin, it could contaminate the whole bin? Causing a whole load of recyclable items to be unrecyclable.

How can I get involved in Recycle Week 2022?

There are many ways to get involved, including using #RecycleWeek on social media. You can show what you recycle as well as any new recycling bins you find around the country! I wrote a post last year on UK recycling schemes, which shows all the various bins available. Whether it be makeup recycling or plastic bag recycling, it’s all covered there. Of course, the best way to get involved is to expand your knowledge and recycle correctly. Find ways to recycle items you thought you couldn’t. The most recent find for me was Dunelm’s Duvet & Textile recycling!

I hope you get behind Recycle Week 2022 as it’s a great initiative to support. Happy recycling everyone!

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