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Wild – the sustainable, refillable alternative to your regular deodorant brand. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have social media!), it’s likely you’ve heard of them. They go heavy on the social media promotion, from influencer endorsements to advertisement.

Despite all the promotion, I was truly intrigued if they were truly that great, as any brand can pump money into a marketing campaign. So, despite brand awareness being very high from Wild, are they actually any good? Well, to combat this, I thought I purchase a kit and find out…

Who are Wild?

As a bit of background, Wild launched in 2019 and have quickly dominated the sustainable deodorant space. Their design is simple, you purchase an aluminium case and a refillable deodorant, that you replace every time you run out. The starter kits starts from £12.00 ($14) and subsequent refills are £5 ($6). The aim being for you to move away from environmentally-damaging aerosols, and to this more natural, sustainable option.

Their missions states: “Every time you refill your case, you’ll save 30 grams of plastic going to landfill.” With their refill cases made from bamboo pulp, therefore can be recycled at home.

My Thoughts?

Impressed but not blow away would be my honest answer. I agree there are lots of positives to this deodorant but would say there are some negatives (which I find generally with natural deodorants anyway). But, let’s start with the positives:

1. LOVE the design and find it a lot less messy (packaging-wise) than cardboard deodorants, which can be hard to manoeuvre the stick up and down to close.
2. The deodorants scents are beautiful! I started off using Orange & Neroli and it’s strong but very fresh smelling. I felt this smell lasted a while too, which in turn made me feel fresher for longer.
3. I do feel it lasts all day and definitely way longer than using aerosol (however I have been using this in winter!). The ULTIMATE test will be July/August next year, so watch this space…

And now the negatives..
1. As I said, I do love the design but feel the mechanism you twist at the bottom of the case is a slight bit clunky. Don’t get me wrong, the deodorant easily moves up and down but the case does feel a little cheaply made.
2. The consistency of the deodorant itself is quite thick and does transfer onto clothing (which can be hard to wash off!). I’ve found this to be the case with a lot of natural deodorants, so this isn’t a unique criticism to Wild. However, it isn’t the best feeling having white, deodorant marks on your tops!
3. Ultimately, I have to question if the refills do actually get recycled. As often, local councils have different rules for what material they’ll collect at the curb side. Of course, this is a wider issue concerning recycling, however there is still a lot of packaging that goes into a Wild deodorant, considering the case + the refill.

Is Wild Deodorant Worth The Hype?

I would say it’s worth a try if you’re ok with the initial investment! It’s very convenient to simply order a refill through your letterbox and have peace of mind that this deodorant will most definitely last you way longer than an aerosol. However, it is definitely messier (transferring onto clothing-wise) than a standard deodorant, as mentioned. Therefore, this is something to bear in mind!

For more sustainable deodorant recommendations, have a read of my guide to Low Waste Deodorants on the Market.

2 thoughts on “Wild Deodorant: Worth the Hype? | The Low Waste Trails

  1. Interesting!!! I only started seeing this brand as ads on my instagam last week but have had them pop up lots since so it’s funny that I came across your article today. I may give them a try myself after finishing my current natural deodorant. Saying that, my current one is natural and in a cardboard packaging so it might be as eco friendly as I can get!

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