Waterless, Planet-Based Beauty by Inclusev

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I talk at length about ways to cut plastic consumption on this blog. But, it’s widely known that sustainability, as a concept, goes way deeper than this. Water consumption is just one of many other calls to action to be addressed, if we are to achieve a more sustainable world. Switching to waterless beauty products is a step we can all take in achieving this (on an individual level).

If we are to consider our water consumption, the beauty industry has a lot to answer for. For example, did you know liquid wash-off products are made using around 80% water & just 20% active ingredients? That’s a lot of water consumed and simply wasted down the sink! In a bid to curb this, the brand Inclusev has created a set of powdered beauty products. This means you use 100% active ingredients; in turn, majorly reducing your water consumption.

How does waterless beauty work?

Each bottle (which is made of sugar cane – a plastic made with renewable sources instead of oil) is packed with powdered ingredients and requires a minimal amount of water to be activated. For example, to use their facewash you need the amount of a 1p coin, with a splash of water and it works beautifully on the skin.

Every waterless beauty bottle delivers around 4 times the number of washes of a 50g liquid product. This is due to less water needed, for the same result as conventional products! It’s also cost-effective (which is SO important to consider nowadays) as one small bottle lasts a lot longer.

My thoughts?

Pictured you’ll see I tried their Shampoo, Facewash, Bodywash and Handwash. I was really impressed with all four and think it is a genius, sustainable invention to tackle water consumption. Each had a beautiful scent and worked a treat. I found this new way of using products no faff at all.

I was particularly intrigued to see how well the shampoo powder would fair as making sure my hair is clean is (of course) a very important thing for me (& everyone else!). Personally, it worked great for my oil roots/dry ends hair texture I have. I found the technique of applying it to wet hair in the shower activated it, causing it to lather and wash as a regular shampoo would.

Overall, I feel Inclusev have developed a genius sustainable product and would highly recommend giving it a try! Not only is it reasonably priced (£11 /$13), but the products lasts longer than conventional products and you’re cutting back on water consumption too. A win-win-win really!

Find out more about Inclusev here!

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  1. I’ve not heard of this brand before but it sounds like Inclusev has some pretty good products. I love the idea/ethos behind it too as I think more everyday items can/should be made more sustainable and environmentally responsible. Thanks for sharing!

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