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Being an avid user of ODDBOX for a couple of years, seeing the release of their brand new ODDBOX cookbook, had me at hello. If you’re unaware, ODDBOX is a company that save fruits and vegetable from farmers/growers who have had their produce rejected from mainstream supermarkets. In the UK, the standard for products is extremely high, therefore tonnes of otherwise-perfect produce are being rejected and wasted. It can be something as little as a carrot being too long. Even a farmer having too many potatoes due to abnormal growing conditions are being left (hello, climate change).

ODDBOX, take this otherwise-wasted stock and sell them in boxes. We usually buy a small veg box once or twice a month. We always receive a variety of perfectly edible veggies, some we would never buy usually! With this food-waste-tackling in mind, their new cookbook aims to provide information to the reader on cutting waste and making the most of the foods in our cupboards.

The perfect guide for creating a waste-free kitchen

The first chapter provides an education on food waste, tips on how to make the most of everything we buy and importantly, how not to waste our produce. From the base ingredients you should have in your cupboard, to allow for more creative (yet, simple) meals, to ways you need to store your food to avoid waste.

Further on, the ODDBOX cookbook provides an array of plant-based creative recipes. From breakfast right through to dinner, with some snack ideas too. What I liked the most, was the ingredients list isn’t overly complicated. They recommend nutritious, creative, yet simple recipes. They all do not cost a fortune to make and it is likely you have most in your cupboard already.

What did I think of the ODDBOX Cookbook?

Overall, I found this one of the better cookbooks I’ve picked up! The recipes offer great meal ideas, which will help both increase the number of veggies in our meals and be more plant-based too. This isn’t to mention too, it’s simply a really lovely, aesthetically-pleasing book. The pictures are beautifully pictured and the hardback design makes a sturdy book to follow in the kitchen. I’d highly recommend picking this up if you’re lacking meal inspiration this new year (and looking for more plant-focused meals)!

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