Podcast of the month: The Beyond Waste Podcast (by CIWM)

Podcasts are a big love of mine. They’re a great way to digest information, without the need to necessarily sit down and take time out of your busy day. I’m always searching for new podcasts to listen to, and I recently came across a brand-new one by the Chartered Institute of Waste Management (CIWM)! If you’re on the lookout for a podcast on the Waste sector, this one is definitely for you.

The Beyond Waste Podcast is a “deep dive into the world of waste, resources, and the circular economy”, with insightful conversations from experts in the field. The first episode was a really interesting discussion on waste crime (something I studied in my Master’s degree!) and the policy changes needed.

“The Beyond Waste Podcast is a ‘deep dive into the world of waste, resources, and the circular economy‘”

Led by the CIWM’s policy and external affairs director, the podcast opened up discussion with Dan Cooke and Anna Willetts, both experts in the environmental and waste fields (Cooke from an environmental Comms background and Willetts from an environmental law background).

It made for a very interesting hours listening from professionals who really understand the industry, and are doing great things to reduce waste and educate!

Whether you’re familiar with the CIWM or not, the podcast is free for both members and non-members.

I joined the membership body last year, as a free ‘student’ member to support my Master’s degree. Now that has concluded, I’m planning on upgrading to their Affiliate membership level.

Alongside podcasts like this one, they also provide a wealth of information and news on the waste sector. So they’re definitely worth a look if Waste is of interest to you (which I’d have thought if you are reading this website!)

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