Hello, I’m Lisa. Founder & Writer of The Low Waste Weekly.

Originally from Anglesey, North Wales now living in West Sussex, I’m a marketer by day and in every spare second I have outside of work, I writing about all aspects of Sustainability. From lowering waste to the climate crisis, all through heavily researched articles and copy.

Having launched in October 2020, the aim of The Low Waste Weekly is to make Sustainability both engaging for you the reader, as well as provide education to hopefully alter everyday habits. All covered within Opinion Pieces, Eco Book Reviews and plenty of other written content to get stuck into! I do hope you enjoy.

All images are my own, unless stated otherwise – do not use any image without consent from myself beforehand.

Any enquiries are to be sent to: gibsonlisa461@gmail.com or if easier DM on Instagram @TheLowWasteWeekly

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