Introducing: VEO – The Sustainable Marketplace™

[Advertorial – Post contains pr gifted items as part of an Ambassadorship between VEO and The Low Waste Weekly] When it comes to shopping, shopping sustainably that is, where is it you tend to turn to? Your favourite sustainable label? Is it your local charity shop? Well, may I make a suggestion, how about VEO!Continue reading “Introducing: VEO – The Sustainable Marketplace™”

The Worrying Increase of Climate Migration

[Image by Pexels] Migration. The lesser talked about affect of the climate crisis. The shrinking of borders. The collapse of homes. Disappearing towns and cities. Disaster isn’t decades away, it’s happening right now in countries that cannot even be described as ‘far-flung’. This is serious. It’s devastating people’s lives and more often than not thoseContinue reading “The Worrying Increase of Climate Migration”

A Sustainability Tour of Southampton

Over the weekend I visited Southampton with one of my friends. Having never visited the city before, whilst we wined and dined to our heart’s content, over the few days, I happened to notice a few sustainability-friendly places in amongst the shops and sea. Including a zero waste shop, vegan cafe as well as lotsContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Southampton”

The Low Waste Trails: Shampoo Bar by Zero Waste Path

Shampoo Bars. It’s been a love/relationship for me; love the idea, hate how my hair has felt. I previously tried a shampoo and conditioner bar by B&S and hated them. No matter how long I persisted, my hair was greasy and wouldn’t clean. So, I begrudgingly moved back to bottled shampoo… But, leaving this inContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Shampoo Bar by Zero Waste Path”

The UK’s Greenest Towns & Cities to Visit in 2021

Our towns and cities becoming more environmentally friendly is fundamental if we’re to stand any chance in curbing the global temperature rise. From more cycle paths to planting trees, there’s a number of ways our towns and cities can become the greenest they can be. Today I wanted to share some of the towns andContinue reading “The UK’s Greenest Towns & Cities to Visit in 2021”

High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes

With a wave of consciousness beginning to filter its way onto the high street, more and more are we seeing schemes in place to prompt recycling. From supermarket recycling bins to take-back schemes with generous rewards. Lowering waste is no longer something you have to go out of your way to do. The chances ofContinue reading “High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes”

As Our Land Fills, Where Will Our Rubbish Go Then?

It will come as no shock to you right now to learn that our Landfill sights are nearing the point of bursting. The world is creating too much rubbish for the amount of space we have to bury it, and we simply cannot continue this way. What sparked the inspiration for this article was theContinue reading “As Our Land Fills, Where Will Our Rubbish Go Then?”

Who Cares Wins by Lily Cole | Eco-Reads Volume.7

Despite reading my fair share of books surrounding the topic of Sustainability, this seventh offering, Who Cares Wins by Lily Cole, brought a whole manner of new, insightful information to increase my understanding of the developing climate crisis. Over the space of the 400+ pages the scope and level of comprehensiveness that Cole went intoContinue reading “Who Cares Wins by Lily Cole | Eco-Reads Volume.7”

What is a Certified B-Corporation & How Does it help Business?

The world is changing and so is the way business is done. Some may say it’s changing too quickly, whilst others would argue it’s not fast enough. Whilst billion dollar corporations continuously fight off claims of planet-destroying behaviour, other businesses are doing things differently. The companies who are a Certified B-Corporation. Let me ask youContinue reading “What is a Certified B-Corporation & How Does it help Business?”

Bedside Overhaul: Redecorating with Small Businesses

A long needed bedside overhaul. When it comes to interiors, it has only been up until recently I have really taken interest in the space I call home. This being a combination of binge watching Interior Design Masters on BBC (highly recommend). As well as up until August last year I was living in aContinue reading “Bedside Overhaul: Redecorating with Small Businesses”