Crunch Time by ODDBOX | Eco-reads Volume.12

Being an avid user of ODDBOX for a couple of years, seeing the release of their brand new ODDBOX cookbook, had me at hello. If you’re unaware, ODDBOX is a company that save fruits and vegetable from farmers/growers who have had their produce rejected from mainstream supermarkets. In the UK, the standard for products isContinue reading “Crunch Time by ODDBOX | Eco-reads Volume.12”

I Spent £20 on Vinted: What I Got & My Experience on the App

One of the best ways to help the environment when it comes to your wardrobe, is to shop secondhand. There are millions of garments out there that are perfectly wearable but have been thrown to the back of someone else’s wardrobe. Ever heard the phrase, ‘one (wo)man’s trash is another (wo)man’s treasure’? Well, I recentlyContinue reading “I Spent £20 on Vinted: What I Got & My Experience on the App”

5 Easy Things You Can Do TODAY to Cut Food Waste

With the cost of living soaring, being mindful of the foods with buy and consume has never been so important. Globally, the amount of food we waste is eye-watering – around 1.3 billion tonnes of food is never eaten [Love Food Hate Waste]. It’s always baffled me why people choose to waste food. Growing upContinue reading “5 Easy Things You Can Do TODAY to Cut Food Waste”

Waterless, Planet-Based Beauty by Inclusev

[AD – This post contains gifted pr products for review] I talk at length about ways to cut plastic consumption on this blog. But, it’s widely known that sustainability, as a concept, goes way deeper than this. Water consumption is just one of many other calls to action to be addressed, if we are toContinue reading “Waterless, Planet-Based Beauty by Inclusev”

Wild Deodorant: Worth the Hype? | The Low Waste Trails

Wild – the sustainable, refillable alternative to your regular deodorant brand. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have social media!), it’s likely you’ve heard of them. They go heavy on the social media promotion, from influencer endorsements to advertisement. Despite all the promotion, I was truly intrigued if they were truly thatContinue reading “Wild Deodorant: Worth the Hype? | The Low Waste Trails”

The Plastic Problem by Aubre Andrus | Eco-reads Volume.11

Want a whistle stop tour of all things plastic? From its creation, development and (unfortunate) demise into an environmental burden? Well, The Plastic Problem is for you! Despite its labelling as a book aimed at kids, I felt it was suited to all ages. Having lots of useful and informative infographics to really paint aContinue reading “The Plastic Problem by Aubre Andrus | Eco-reads Volume.11”

Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022

[Image by: Pexels] Lowering waste and finding ways to live a more plastic-free lifestyle is an incredibly deep passion of mine. I mean, it’s the entire centrepiece of this blog I write! So, when I discovered an awareness campaign focusing on just that, I had to shout about it. In October, the 17-24th to beContinue reading “Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022”

Natural Toothpaste Tablets by Natch | The Low Waste Trails

[AD – This post contains gifted pr products for review] Toothpaste tablets have been a ‘need to try’ item on my list for a long time. I’ve read consistently about the environmental benefits, as they’re usually in plastic-free packaging and they’re usually packed with kinder ingredients too. So, receiving a pot of toothpaste tablets offContinue reading “Natural Toothpaste Tablets by Natch | The Low Waste Trails”

A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey Pt. 2

Off the back of my previous ‘Sustainability Tour of Anglesey’, I received such a great response and was suggested even more wonderful sustainable businesses on the island of Anglesey, I’ve decided to create a part 2! It’s such a joy to see so many sustainable companies on the island. So, I’m delighted to suggest evenContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey Pt. 2”

High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve started to notice a lot of ‘sustainable’ products on offer. Whether that be shampoo bars merged in with the mainstream bottles on the shelf of Boots or refills for plastic-free deodorants, it’s a very exciting time. It can only be seen as a positive. Brands are beginningContinue reading “High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested”