Wild Deodorant: Worth the Hype? | The Low Waste Trails

Wild – the sustainable, refillable alternative to your regular deodorant brand. Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t have social media!), it’s likely you’ve heard of them. They go heavy on the social media promotion, from influencer endorsements to advertisement. Despite all the promotion, I was truly intrigued if they were truly thatContinue reading “Wild Deodorant: Worth the Hype? | The Low Waste Trails”

The Plastic Problem by Aubre Andrus | Eco-reads Volume.11

Want a whistle stop tour of all things plastic? From its creation, development and (unfortunate) demise into an environmental burden? Well, The Plastic Problem is for you! Despite its labelling as a book aimed at kids, I felt it was suited to all ages. Having lots of useful and informative infographics to really paint aContinue reading “The Plastic Problem by Aubre Andrus | Eco-reads Volume.11”

Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022

[Image by: Pexels] Lowering waste and finding ways to live a more plastic-free lifestyle is an incredibly deep passion of mine. I mean, it’s the entire centrepiece of this blog I write! So, when I discovered an awareness campaign focusing on just that, I had to shout about it. In October, the 17-24th to beContinue reading “Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022”

Natural Toothpaste Tablets by Natch | The Low Waste Trails

[AD – This post contains gifted pr products for review] Toothpaste tablets have been a ‘need to try’ item on my list for a long time. I’ve read consistently about the environmental benefits, as they’re usually in plastic-free packaging and they’re usually packed with kinder ingredients too. So, receiving a pot of toothpaste tablets offContinue reading “Natural Toothpaste Tablets by Natch | The Low Waste Trails”

A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey Pt. 2

Off the back of my previous ‘Sustainability Tour of Anglesey’, I received such a great response and was suggested even more wonderful sustainable businesses on the island of Anglesey, I’ve decided to create a part 2! It’s such a joy to see so many sustainable companies on the island. So, I’m delighted to suggest evenContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey Pt. 2”

High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve started to notice a lot of ‘sustainable’ products on offer. Whether that be shampoo bars merged in with the mainstream bottles on the shelf of Boots or refills for plastic-free deodorants, it’s a very exciting time. It can only be seen as a positive. Brands are beginningContinue reading “High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested”

Sorry I don’t want to use a Menstrual Cup: Fighting the Sustainable Period Guilt

[Image by Pexels] Periods. Something that’s somehow still taboo, though it really shouldn’t be. Many people bleed, whether from a grazed knee from a fall or a person on their regular monthly cycle. Yes, we bleed, get over it! However it’s spoken about between you and friends/ family, I’ve noticed more and more nowadays theContinue reading “Sorry I don’t want to use a Menstrual Cup: Fighting the Sustainable Period Guilt”

A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey

Croeso/Welcome. If you were unaware of my origins, I am Welsh. Hailing from a little island right at the tip of Wales, Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in North Wales. An absolutely beautiful area of Britain (if I do say so myself!) with lots to offer. In recent years, the number of sustainable businesses Anglesey has toContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey”

6 Times I Felt Like a Bad Environmentalist

A recent campaign by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic revealed 1.85 billion pieces of plastic is thrown away each week in the UK. With only 12% of which is likely to be recycled [source]. This report was off the back of a nationwide campaign to get environmentalist individuals to count their plastic consumption – a taskContinue reading “6 Times I Felt Like a Bad Environmentalist”

3 Ways to a Greener Dental Routine

[This post contains pr products for review] A dental routine is an important part of everyone’s daily life. From an infant, we are told to brush our teeth twice a day, floss regularly (admittingly something I need to be better at!) and maintain a glimmering smile. It’s incredibly important to maintain this routine as, afterContinue reading “3 Ways to a Greener Dental Routine”