5 Low Waste Starter Items to Save You Money

Originally published May 2020. Hello, welcome back! Today I have another low waste post for you, but with this being something I actually wrote as part of my third year Final Major Project for university! Part of my FMP idea was creating a Low Waste website which educates on how it can save you MoneyContinue reading “5 Low Waste Starter Items to Save You Money”

The Low Waste Trails: Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Originally published in April 2020. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Zero Waste and Sustainability, specifically a recipe (I think I would called it that?!) of an all-purpose cleaner I have made using only three ingredients. Having found it online, from a website called Gypsy Soul, I’ve been wanting to make my ownContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner”

The Low Waste Trails: Haircare Bars

Originally published in February 2020. Over the past year or so, my passion and interest in Sustainability has grown and grown. Well, in my bid to live a more Zero Waste lifestyle, I’ve began to dip into lots of various swaps to products I usually would use day-to-day. I wanted to start this little mini-seriesContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Haircare Bars”

A Sustainability Tour of Brighton

Originally published in November 2019. On Wednesday last week I jumped on a train and headed down to Brighton, the aim being to visit lots of sustainable stores for my university project. As I am predominately focusing on the zero-waste/tackling the waste crisis, I chose to head down to Brighton as it is well knownContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Brighton”

Little Ways I Stay Sustainable (& Try To Stick To!)

Originally published February 2019. I feel, the word Sustainability is quite the buzz word, dotted all around Social Media, endlessly showing the effects our daily habits are having on the environment. I feel it would be extremely damaging (no pun intended!) to call sustainability a trend, but in essence, the past few years, brands andContinue reading “Little Ways I Stay Sustainable (& Try To Stick To!)”

Low Waste Skincare: UpCircle Face Moisturiser

Originally published May 2020. Being a lover of all things Sustainability and developing a strong passion for lowering my everyday waste (and overall trying to be as sustainable as is possible for me), when it comes to skincare there is no exception. Having used up my cheaper Olay face cream (which my mum randomly gaveContinue reading “Low Waste Skincare: UpCircle Face Moisturiser”

Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet by Tom Hunt | Eco-Reads Volume. 2

Not being a particular Nigella in the kitchen, I often shy away from cookbooks, deeming them often too complex for my culinary skill set. But, being a person who is heavily into sustainability, reducing waste and the general climate crisis we are in the midst of, I was drawn to Eating for Pleasure, People & PlanetContinue reading “Eating for Pleasure, People & Planet by Tom Hunt | Eco-Reads Volume. 2”

Eco House Book by Terence Conran | Eco-Reads Volume. 1

Books on the market that centre around the idea of Sustainability has grown to tremendous heights in recent years, more so now than ever before… or so you would think. In a recent trip to my local library, I picked up Eco House Book by Terence Conran. Dazzled by the eco-style branding and design, itContinue reading “Eco House Book by Terence Conran | Eco-Reads Volume. 1”

Has Covid-19 Brought Sustainability to a Halt? | Pondering Thoughts

Originally published June 2020. In this crazy world we currently live in of lockdown rules and little freedom (temporarily, is the hope!), it’s an interesting thought for me to consider, whether this whole life upheaval has had an impact on Sustainability. With more time in our homes, little travelling necessary and the world seemingly havingContinue reading “Has Covid-19 Brought Sustainability to a Halt? | Pondering Thoughts”