A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey

On a sunny Friday afternoon, last week, I decided to take myself on a little day out to Reigate. Living in West Sussex, the Surrey town is very easy to reach by train, with the town’s train station a short walk from the centre. Having visited a couple of times before, I thought this timeContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey”

Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market

In the world of sustainability, new products are coming to market at a rapid pace, more and more as our planet’s climate woes continue. Adopting a low waste lifestyle has never been more important, with shampoo bars are great swap to start off. I’ve compiled five low waste shampoo bars currently on the market, whichContinue reading “Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market”

Ethical Knicker-glory with Bedstraw + Madder

[Post contains gifted product] When it comes to underwear, I’ll be honest, I’ve previously put little thought into their sustainable credentials. Seeing them more as a necessity. But, having recently been introduced to Bedstraw + Madder, I now realise they really should be something I’m more considerate of. Now, who are Bedstraw and Madder youContinue reading “Ethical Knicker-glory with Bedstraw + Madder”

Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱

As we near the end of 2021, I look back at this year as a great year for my sustainable development. Sustainability is a challenge for most of us, with knowing what the right and wrong thing to do, incredibly difficult. But, this year I have definitely learnt to move away from unsustainable items. RealisingContinue reading “Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱”

Green Christmas by Eilidh Gallagher | Eco-Reads Christmas Edition🎄

Hello everyone and happy December! It’s incredibly cliché to say, but I genuinely cannot believe it’s nearing Christmas already! To kick off the month, and thus some festive content, I’m giving you a Christmas edition of eco-reads. This being a little book, Green Christmas by Eilidh Gallagher, that I picked up at my local library.Continue reading “Green Christmas by Eilidh Gallagher | Eco-Reads Christmas Edition🎄”

Living Sustainably with a Gluten-Free diet

[Image by Pexels] Living sustainably, in an unsustainable world can be a challenge at times. From reducing meat, plastic and considering it’s source; the foods we choose to buy and consume can take a lot of consideration. Throw in a gluten-free food allergy or intolerance and it can be a whole lot harder too. InContinue reading “Living Sustainably with a Gluten-Free diet”

Join the Greener Revolution by Ollie Hunter | Eco-Reads Volume.9

Everyday sustainability is the main focus of Join the Greener Revolution by chef Ollie Hunter. It’s a part cookbook, part factual advice-type book, making for not only an easy read but an extremely comprehensive one too. Written by a man who knows what he’s talking about (which is always what we want!) Chef Hunter, aContinue reading “Join the Greener Revolution by Ollie Hunter | Eco-Reads Volume.9”

Package-Free Cleaning by NeerSol | The Low Waste Trails

[This post contains gifted product and affiliate links] Investing in package-free cleaning and moving away from buying a new bottle of your Dettols or Methods everytime you run out, is the single best thing you can do to be a more sustainable cleaner. The pandemic may have heighten our want for cleanliness, but that shouldn’tContinue reading “Package-Free Cleaning by NeerSol | The Low Waste Trails”

5 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Listen to

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love listing to podcasts. Granted I do go through phases where I don’t think to pop one on. But, at the moment I’m back to commuting into London for work, so for that 40 minutes up to London Victoria, a podcast is a perfect way to passContinue reading “5 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Listen to”

Get Behind: The Great Big Green Week 2021

You may be familiar by now with a whole host of sustainability-themed weeks. All highlighting important issues surrounding the ever-growing, ever more daunting climate crisis. Earth Day is one example of a global event highlighting the action needed. Well, starting from tomorrow is another fantastic week of championing climate action, created by The Climate Coalition.Continue reading “Get Behind: The Great Big Green Week 2021”