3 Ways to a Greener Dental Routine

[This post contains pr products for review] A dental routine is an important part of everyone’s daily life. From an infant, we are told to brush our teeth twice a day, floss regularly (admittingly something I need to be better at!) and maintain a glimmering smile. It’s incredibly important to maintain this routine as, afterContinue reading “3 Ways to a Greener Dental Routine”

Low Waste Deodorants on the Market

With the deodorant industry estimated to waste tens of millions of tonnes yearly [1], switching to a plastic-free version is a brilliant quick fix to lower everyday waste. Over the past year, I’ve tried a handful of plastic-free deodorants with some fairing better than others. Below are five different offerings currently on the market, fromContinue reading “Low Waste Deodorants on the Market”

The is Vegan Propaganda by Ed Winters | Eco-reads Volume.10

This is vegan propaganda; an eye-opening exploration into the repercussions of meat-eating and the planetary and human damage it’s inflicting on our society. Covering just shy of 300 pages, the book unveils some very harrowing topics. Revealing truths behind the meat so many of us dish up on our dinner plates each evening. Being aContinue reading “The is Vegan Propaganda by Ed Winters | Eco-reads Volume.10”

Fashion for Good, Amsterdam – World’s First Sustainable Fashion Museum

Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam, Netherlands Situated off Rokin metro, the Fashion for Good museum is the world’s first interactive sustainable fashion museum. Exploring past, present and future themes, the three-floored exhibition integrates immersive elements with creative decor and information to go beyond what is typically taught about sustainable fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed the experienceContinue reading “Fashion for Good, Amsterdam – World’s First Sustainable Fashion Museum”

The Beagle Button: A Browser Extension for Sustainable Shopping

[Image by Pexels] When online shopping, often it can feel easy to slip down a rabbit hole of mentally creating a shopping list as long as your arm. Often things we may not really need, and with that, probably not that sustainable for the planet either. If this has ever happened to you, The BeagleContinue reading “The Beagle Button: A Browser Extension for Sustainable Shopping”

I rewatched WALL-E & fear Pixar have accurately predicted our future

[Image by Unsplash] WALL-E, the charming, delightful walle robot who is the last being left on a planet full of waste. Making its cinema debut way back in 2008, I remember the exciting anticipation to be taken to watch it. Begging my mum for a trip to our local Cineworld, delighted to see the adorableContinue reading “I rewatched WALL-E & fear Pixar have accurately predicted our future”

Studying MSc Environment & Sustainability

As we near the end of March 2022, I have some news – I just concluded my first year of my Masters! I don’t tend to talk much about my personal life a great deal on The Low Waste Weekly – preferring to keep it in the direction of informative Low Waste content. But, asContinue reading “Studying MSc Environment & Sustainability”

Eco-household Essentials with Seep

[Post contains gifted product] With it being estimated that we throw out 1,000 kitchen sponges everyday, we have a serious waste problem on our hands. Everyday, millions of us use cleaning products lined with tiny microplastics, which unfortunately are polluting our planet. Keeping our houses clean shouldn’t cost the earth. Creating an eco-household should beContinue reading “Eco-household Essentials with Seep”

A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey

On a sunny Friday afternoon, last week, I decided to take myself on a little day out to Reigate. Living in West Sussex, the Surrey town is very easy to reach by train, with the town’s train station a short walk from the centre. Having visited a couple of times before, I thought this timeContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey”

Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market

In the world of sustainability, new products are coming to market at a rapid pace, more and more as our planet’s climate woes continue. Adopting a low waste lifestyle has never been more important, with shampoo bars are great swap to start off. I’ve compiled five low waste shampoo bars currently on the market, whichContinue reading “Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market”