(More) Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste🌱

In an extension to a previous post of mine, today I wanted to list more items I no longer buy. This may be because they are unsustainable, wasteful or I simply do not find any use in buying them anymore.. I think back to just a few years ago, to the sheer magnitude of ‘stuff’Continue reading “(More) Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste🌱”

Would You Like To See The Ethical Wine List Ma’am?

The following article in centred around wine and alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly, for further information please visit drinkaware.co.uk. Wine. Red, Rosé, White or Prosecco , it’s most definitely a favourite choice of tipple come a Saturday night for most of us. From the light and crispy rosés that remind you of a summers day,Continue reading “Would You Like To See The Ethical Wine List Ma’am?”

The #Project10Pan Makeup Challenge

A few weeks back I wrote an in-depth post on a Sustainable makeup bag, how to go about streamlining your collection, cutting down on its plastic content and overall auditing the products you choose to use and invest in. Similarly, I today wanted to show the contents of my makeup bag. Well, the 10 productsContinue reading “The #Project10Pan Makeup Challenge”

Minimal by Madeleine Olivia | Eco-Reads Volume. 6

Exploring the world of Minimalism, and its connections to Sustainability form the basis of Minimal by Madeleine Olivia. Being a self-confessed over-buyer of clothes, makeup and things alike in years gone by, the author confesses to a realisation a few years back of her environmentally damaging ways, and soon realising the need to cut back.Continue reading “Minimal by Madeleine Olivia | Eco-Reads Volume. 6”

Lamp Upcycling: From Plain to Timeless

Ah a lockdown tradition as it has seemingly become many: house renovating/decorating/(lamp upcycling?). A pass-time to ease the boredom and a way in which to fill the hole of the otherwise busy weekends of socialising. Times we were accustom to in a pre-pandemic world. Well (on a lot smaller scale) I decided to take onContinue reading “Lamp Upcycling: From Plain to Timeless”

A Sustainable Makeup Bag: Where to Start & Tips to Change

[Image by Anna Shvets on Pexel] Sustainability within the beauty industry only up until recently, seems to truly be filtering in and change slowly but surely being seen. Whether this be big brands launching refills to their best loved products or recycling schemes being rollout nationwide, more sustainable practices are gradually taking effect.. but ifContinue reading “A Sustainable Makeup Bag: Where to Start & Tips to Change”

Planet Positive News 2: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond

With the tail end of last year and the beginning of 2021 being a little bleak to say the very least, in the spirit of looking up, staying positive and trying our best to ignore all the world’s turmoil, today I have put together a second list of news that has broken over the pastContinue reading “Planet Positive News 2: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond”

Save the World by Louise Bradford | Eco-Reads Volume.5

A short pocket read I picked up a few months back has made it onto my bedside table. ‘Save The World’ by Louise Bradford acts as a short book filled with handy tips and tricks on living Sustainably. Unlike others, I found this to be every so slightly academic, but be completely readable. In wayContinue reading “Save the World by Louise Bradford | Eco-Reads Volume.5”

A Very Merry Christmas

Hello! Merry Christmas! How we’ve made it to the 24th of December when that gloomy covid-announcement day in March was only yesterday, I’ll never know (that’s the first and last C-word drop of the entire post, I promise). In the spirit of taking a well deserved break over this festive holiday, I wanted to writeContinue reading “A Very Merry Christmas”

Be a Little More Sustainable This Christmas

Well hello, we’ve blinked and suddenly the festive season is upon us (well that’s how it feels like for me!). How the bloody hell did that happen? As with every year, it’s always nice to get into the Christmas spirit. Buy gifts for loved ones and overall reflection on the year that’s passed. Well perhapsContinue reading “Be a Little More Sustainable This Christmas”