How bad is our global plastic pollution problem?

By now, you should be well aware of the climate emergency. How our planet’s global temperature is set to exceed early predictions of 1.5oC warming; oil & gas use as well as a myriad of other things being blamed for this rise. Well, among this myriad being blamed is pollution, specifically plastic pollution. In thisContinue reading “How bad is our global plastic pollution problem?”

I rewatched WALL-E & fear Pixar have accurately predicted our future

[Image by Unsplash] WALL-E, the charming, delightful walle robot who is the last being left on a planet full of waste. Making its cinema debut way back in 2008, I remember the exciting anticipation to be taken to watch it. Begging my mum for a trip to our local Cineworld, delighted to see the adorableContinue reading “I rewatched WALL-E & fear Pixar have accurately predicted our future”

Get Behind: The Great Big Green Week 2021

You may be familiar by now with a whole host of sustainability-themed weeks. All highlighting important issues surrounding the ever-growing, ever more daunting climate crisis. Earth Day is one example of a global event highlighting the action needed. Well, starting from tomorrow is another fantastic week of championing climate action, created by The Climate Coalition.Continue reading “Get Behind: The Great Big Green Week 2021”

The IPCC Report & Where That Leaves Us

The IPCC report. A report that sent shockwaves across the world as it was revealed the true extent of the climate crisis. And it wasn’t pretty. It isn’t pretty. It highlighted how desperate our planet is for climate action, even the term ‘desperate’ doesn’t quite cover how badly our planet is suffering. But where doesContinue reading “The IPCC Report & Where That Leaves Us”

The Worrying Increase of Climate Migration

[Image by Pexels] Migration. The lesser talked about effect of the climate crisis. The shrinking of borders. The collapse of homes. Disappearing towns and cities. Disaster isn’t decades away, it’s happening right now in countries that cannot even be described as ‘far-flung’. This is serious. It’s devastating people’s lives and more often than not thoseContinue reading “The Worrying Increase of Climate Migration”

Earth Day 2021: What is it? How to get involved?

[Image by Pexels] Today, April 22nd 2021 marks the 51st year of Earth Day; a celebration, movement and activator of environmental protection. Having been founded in 1970, EarthDay.Org today has over 75,000 partners collectively working together. Aiming to create a better world and highlight the dangers it is in. This year’s theme is Restore ourContinue reading “Earth Day 2021: What is it? How to get involved?”