Bedside Overhaul: Redecorating with Small Businesses

A long needed bedside overhaul. When it comes to interiors, it has only been up until recently I have really taken interest in the space I call home. This being a combination of binge watching Interior Design Masters on BBC (highly recommend). As well as up until August last year I was living in aContinue reading “Bedside Overhaul: Redecorating with Small Businesses”

Lamp Upcycling: From Plain to Timeless

Ah a lockdown tradition as it has seemingly become many: house renovating/decorating/(lamp upcycling?). A pass-time to ease the boredom and a way in which to fill the hole of the otherwise busy weekends of socialising. Times we were accustom to in a pre-pandemic world. Well (on a lot smaller scale) I decided to take onContinue reading “Lamp Upcycling: From Plain to Timeless”