Being Greener with your Finances

There are many ways in leading a more planet-conscious lifestyle. From avoiding plastic in your food shop to swapping to a journey on foot instead of driving. However, have you ever considered being greener with your finances? Whether that be who you bank with daily, to where (and how) you spend your money, there areContinue reading “Being Greener with your Finances”

Sustainable Razors: FFS vs Estrid

AD: This post contains previously gifted pr products, which is marked with a * When I first dipped my toes into making sustainable swaps, a razor was actually one of the first things I bought. I found Friction Free Shaving (FFS) on Instagram (I believe) around 2018 and decided to buy a starter kit –Continue reading “Sustainable Razors: FFS vs Estrid”

Waterless, Planet-Based Beauty by Inclusev

[AD – This post contains gifted pr products for review] I talk at length about ways to cut plastic consumption on this blog. But, it’s widely known that sustainability, as a concept, goes way deeper than this. Water consumption is just one of many other calls to action to be addressed, if we are toContinue reading “Waterless, Planet-Based Beauty by Inclusev”

Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022

[Image by: Pexels] Lowering waste and finding ways to live a more plastic-free lifestyle is an incredibly deep passion of mine. I mean, it’s the entire centrepiece of this blog I write! So, when I discovered an awareness campaign focusing on just that, I had to shout about it. In October, the 17-24th to beContinue reading “Get Behind: Recycle Week 2022”

A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey Pt. 2

Off the back of my previous ‘Sustainability Tour of Anglesey’, I received such a great response and was suggested even more wonderful sustainable businesses on the island of Anglesey, I’ve decided to create a part 2! It’s such a joy to see so many sustainable companies on the island. So, I’m delighted to suggest evenContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey Pt. 2”

A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey

Croeso/Welcome. If you were unaware of my origins, I am Welsh. Hailing from a little island right at the tip of Wales, Anglesey (Ynys Môn) in North Wales. An absolutely beautiful area of Britain (if I do say so myself!) with lots to offer. In recent years, the number of sustainable businesses Anglesey has toContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Anglesey”

The Beagle Button: A Browser Extension for Sustainable Shopping

[Image by Pexels] When online shopping, often it can feel easy to slip down a rabbit hole of mentally creating a shopping list as long as your arm. Often things we may not really need, and with that, probably not that sustainable for the planet either. If this has ever happened to you, The BeagleContinue reading “The Beagle Button: A Browser Extension for Sustainable Shopping”

Studying MSc Environment & Sustainability

As we near the end of March 2022, I have some news – I just concluded my first year of my Masters! I don’t tend to talk much about my personal life a great deal on The Low Waste Weekly – preferring to keep it in the direction of informative Low Waste content. But, asContinue reading “Studying MSc Environment & Sustainability”

Eco-household Essentials with Seep

[Post contains gifted product] With it being estimated that we throw out 1,000 kitchen sponges everyday, we have a serious waste problem on our hands. Everyday, millions of us use cleaning products lined with tiny microplastics, which unfortunately are polluting our planet. Keeping our houses clean shouldn’t cost the earth. Creating an eco-household should beContinue reading “Eco-household Essentials with Seep”

Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱

As we near the end of 2021, I look back at this year as a great year for my sustainable development. Sustainability is a challenge for most of us, with knowing what the right and wrong thing to do, incredibly difficult. But, this year I have definitely learnt to move away from unsustainable items. RealisingContinue reading “Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱”