Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱

As we near the end of 2021, I look back at this year as a great year for my sustainable development. Sustainability is a challenge for most of us, with knowing what the right and wrong thing to do, incredibly difficult. But, this year I have definitely learnt to move away from unsustainable items. RealisingContinue reading “Things I No Longer Bought in 2021 | Quest for Low Waste🌱”

A Sustainability Tour of Southampton

Over the weekend I visited Southampton with one of my friends. Having never visited the city before, whilst we wined and dined to our heart’s content, over the few days, I happened to notice a few sustainability-friendly places in amongst the shops and sea. Including a zero waste shop, vegan cafe as well as lotsContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Southampton”

(More) Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste🌱

In an extension to a previous post of mine, today I wanted to list more items I no longer buy. This may be because they are unsustainable, wasteful or I simply do not find any use in buying them anymore.. I think back to just a few years ago, to the sheer magnitude of ‘stuff’Continue reading “(More) Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste🌱”

Would You Like To See The Ethical Wine List Ma’am?

The following article in centred around wine and alcoholic beverages. Please drink responsibly, for further information please visit Wine. Red, Rosé, White or Prosecco , it’s most definitely a favourite choice of tipple come a Saturday night for most of us. From the light and crispy rosés that remind you of a summers day,Continue reading “Would You Like To See The Ethical Wine List Ma’am?”

Waste Sucks. Period.

by Guest Contributor Kate Richards Hey, I’m Kate; a big believer in everyone can make a difference without going the whole hog: I’m vegetarian and use sustainable period care, but I still drive a car. It’s all about balance and what works for each individual, so if you’ve been thinking about alternatives to disposable padsContinue reading “Waste Sucks. Period.”

A Very Merry Christmas

Hello! Merry Christmas! How we’ve made it to the 24th of December when that gloomy covid-announcement day in March was only yesterday, I’ll never know (that’s the first and last C-word drop of the entire post, I promise). In the spirit of taking a well deserved break over this festive holiday, I wanted to writeContinue reading “A Very Merry Christmas”

Why Is Sustainability So Important?

A question so incredibly complex, with so much behind it. Yet, can too be answered in a couple of short words. Sustainability is a practice so important, so essential in prolonging the world as we know it today. Without sustainable practices in all aspects of society, the world’s temperature will rise beyond what is habitable.Continue reading “Why Is Sustainability So Important?”

Always Check the Label: Guide to Understanding Popular Recycling Symbols

The world of recycling is something we are accustomed to by now. We all know the drill; plastics, paper and metals all in one bin, never in general waste – well this is the hope. But, have you ever considered that not all plastics are recyclable?! Frustratingly, only 9% of plastic is actually recycled, that’s a massive 91%Continue reading “Always Check the Label: Guide to Understanding Popular Recycling Symbols”

Say YES To Oxfam’s Secondhand September 2020

Originally published on 1 September 2020. With the start of September and thus the first month of the Autumn season upon us, so begins Oxfam’s Secondhand September Campaign. Designed to motivate people to only shop secondhand throughout the entirety of the month. This being in an Oxfam (as well as other charity shops). As wellContinue reading “Say YES To Oxfam’s Secondhand September 2020”

Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste 🌱

Originally published in August 2020. Having recently discovered YouTuber Lara Joanna Jarvis and her frugal-living ways, a particular video of hers struck a cord with me and lead me to evaluate my own frugal/sustainabile-living habits, which I have shaped over the past couple of years. Her video was titled ‘Things I No Longer Buy’ which is entirely what itContinue reading “Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste 🌱”