Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste 🌱

Originally published in August 2020. Having recently discovered YouTuber Lara Joanna Jarvis and her frugal-living ways, a particular video of hers struck a cord with me and lead me to evaluate my own frugal/sustainabile-living habits, which I have shaped over the past couple of years. Her video was titled ‘Things I No Longer Buy’ which is entirely what itContinue reading “Things I No Longer Buy | Quest for Low Waste 🌱”

Understanding The Damages of Unsustainable Materials

Originally published in June 2020. The world of fabric and material, and just how sustainable they are, may be something that doesn’t cross your mind when buying a new top or dress. As the world of Sustainability can be a little confusing, when you delve further into what a garment truly needs to be, to be fullyContinue reading “Understanding The Damages of Unsustainable Materials”

The Low Waste Trails: Haircare Bars

Originally published in February 2020. Over the past year or so, my passion and interest in Sustainability has grown and grown. Well, in my bid to live a more Zero Waste lifestyle, I’ve began to dip into lots of various swaps to products I usually would use day-to-day. I wanted to start this little mini-seriesContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Haircare Bars”

Little Ways I Stay Sustainable (& Try To Stick To!)

Originally published February 2019. I feel, the word Sustainability is quite the buzz word, dotted all around Social Media, endlessly showing the effects our daily habits are having on the environment. I feel it would be extremely damaging (no pun intended!) to call sustainability a trend, but in essence, the past few years, brands andContinue reading “Little Ways I Stay Sustainable (& Try To Stick To!)”