6 Times I Felt Like a Bad Environmentalist

A recent campaign by Greenpeace and Everyday Plastic revealed 1.85 billion pieces of plastic is thrown away each week in the UK. With only 12% of which is likely to be recycled [source]. This report was off the back of a nationwide campaign to get environmentalist individuals to count their plastic consumption – a taskContinue reading “6 Times I Felt Like a Bad Environmentalist”

Is There One True ‘Sustainable’ Diet?

[Image by Pexels] A topic that garners a lot of debate in the world of sustainability, for a long time now, has been diet. Sustainable diet. What are the best choices you can make when cooking your dinnertime meal? Is vegan best? Is the creation of factory-generated meats a planet-saving success? It’s hard to pinpointContinue reading “Is There One True ‘Sustainable’ Diet?”

One Year On: Has Covid-19 brought Sustainability to a Halt?

[image: by Pexels] As an extension of a post I wrote around this time last year, today I wanted to ponder how, one year on, Covid-19 has affected the progress of Sustainability as a movement. With the rise in PEE waste to the lifelong damages to the economy, the pandemic is turning life as weContinue reading “One Year On: Has Covid-19 brought Sustainability to a Halt?”

Sustainability & The Climate Crisis: Will Action Ever Truly be Taken?

[image by markus spiske on pexel] The climate crisis; a terrifying yet incredibly real shift that can be seen with every wildfire, flood and change of season. It is very real yet just how seriously is it being taken by the people at the top? The people who could truly change the course of destructionContinue reading “Sustainability & The Climate Crisis: Will Action Ever Truly be Taken?”

GREENWASHING: Spotting the Signs & Shifting Against the Trend

Image by Pexel. Originally published August 2020. Following on from my post on ‘Fast Fashion’s Dirty Problem‘, in an extension of this theme, today I wanted to write about the topic of ‘Greenwashing’ within the fashion industry. It may be a term you have heard already and are accustom to the sneaky way’s brands goContinue reading “GREENWASHING: Spotting the Signs & Shifting Against the Trend”

Fast Fashions Dirty Problem

Originally published in August 2020. Fast fashion in recent years as grown an incredibly bad reputation but seemingly, is thriving more than ever; an incredibly contradicting statement yet so very close to the truth. The dividing opinions and attitudes towards fast fashion, whether this a love, loath or a guilty pleasure has been the topicContinue reading “Fast Fashions Dirty Problem”

What It Means to Say ‘Environmentalists For Black Lives Matters’

Originally published in June 2020. With the Black Lives Matter movement being global news the past few weeks, highlighting just how important it is to educate and speak up for the people of colour being unfairly treated. It didn’t sit right for me not to acknowledge the topic on this blog, as I find itContinue reading “What It Means to Say ‘Environmentalists For Black Lives Matters’”

A ‘Low Waste vs Zero Waste’ Debate

Originally published in May 2020. Now I wanted to write this post for two reasons, the first to obviously talk about what I mentioned in the title; the debate between what it means to be Low Waste vs Zero Waste, of course. But, I also wanted this to be a little bit of a disclaimer postContinue reading “A ‘Low Waste vs Zero Waste’ Debate”

Has Covid-19 Brought Sustainability to a Halt? | Pondering Thoughts

Originally published June 2020. In this crazy world we currently live in of lockdown rules and little freedom (temporarily, is the hope!), it’s an interesting thought for me to consider, whether this whole life upheaval has had an impact on Sustainability. With more time in our homes, little travelling necessary and the world seemingly havingContinue reading “Has Covid-19 Brought Sustainability to a Halt? | Pondering Thoughts”