High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested

I don’t know about you, but recently I’ve started to notice a lot of ‘sustainable’ products on offer. Whether that be shampoo bars merged in with the mainstream bottles on the shelf of Boots or refills for plastic-free deodorants, it’s a very exciting time. It can only be seen as a positive. Brands are beginningContinue reading “High Street Sustainable Products: Tried & Tested”

Fashion for Good, Amsterdam – World’s First Sustainable Fashion Museum

Rokin 102, 1012 KZ Amsterdam, Netherlands Situated off Rokin metro, the Fashion for Good museum is the world’s first interactive sustainable fashion museum. Exploring past, present and future themes, the three-floored exhibition integrates immersive elements with creative decor and information to go beyond what is typically taught about sustainable fashion. I thoroughly enjoyed the experienceContinue reading “Fashion for Good, Amsterdam – World’s First Sustainable Fashion Museum”

A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey

On a sunny Friday afternoon, last week, I decided to take myself on a little day out to Reigate. Living in West Sussex, the Surrey town is very easy to reach by train, with the town’s train station a short walk from the centre. Having visited a couple of times before, I thought this timeContinue reading “A Sustainability Tour of Reigate, Surrey”

Ethical Knicker-glory with Bedstraw + Madder

[Post contains gifted product] When it comes to underwear, I’ll be honest, I’ve previously put little thought into their sustainable credentials. Seeing them more as a necessity. But, having recently been introduced to Bedstraw + Madder, I now realise they really should be something I’m more considerate of. Now, who are Bedstraw and Madder youContinue reading “Ethical Knicker-glory with Bedstraw + Madder”

Living Sustainably with a Gluten-Free diet

[Image by Pexels] Living sustainably, in an unsustainable world can be a challenge at times. From reducing meat, plastic and considering it’s source; the foods we choose to buy and consume can take a lot of consideration. Throw in a gluten-free food allergy or intolerance and it can be a whole lot harder too. InContinue reading “Living Sustainably with a Gluten-Free diet”

5 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Listen to

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love listing to podcasts. Granted I do go through phases where I don’t think to pop one on. But, at the moment I’m back to commuting into London for work, so for that 40 minutes up to London Victoria, a podcast is a perfect way to passContinue reading “5 Sustainability Podcast Episodes to Listen to”

Introducing: VEO – The Sustainable Marketplaceā„¢

[Advertorial – Post contains pr gifted items by VEO] When it comes to shopping, shopping sustainably that is, where is it you tend to turn to? Your favourite sustainable label? Is it your local charity shop? Well, may I make a suggestion, how about VEO! A sustainable marketplace I’ve recently been introduced to, which offersContinue reading “Introducing: VEO – The Sustainable Marketplaceā„¢”

Street of colourful houses in Brighton - one of the greenest towns.

The UK’s Greenest Towns & Cities to Visit

Our towns and cities becoming more environmentally friendly is fundamental if we’re to stand any chance in curbing the global temperature rise. From more cycle paths to planting trees, there’s a number of ways our towns and cities can become the greenest they can be. Today I wanted to share some of the towns andContinue reading “The UK’s Greenest Towns & Cities to Visit”

What is a Certified B-Corporation & How Does it help Business?

The world is changing and so is the way business is done. Some may say it’s changing too quickly, whilst others would argue it’s not fast enough. Whilst billion dollar corporations continuously fight off claims of planet-destroying behaviour, other businesses are doing things differently. The companies who are a Certified B-Corporation. Let me ask youContinue reading “What is a Certified B-Corporation & How Does it help Business?”

Get Behind: Fashion Revolution Week 2021

Fashion Revolution may be an organisation you are well aware of by now. If not, you really should. They are a charity who tirelessly campaign for justice for garment workers in countries such as Bangladesh, originally founded in 2013 following the devastating Rana Plaza disaster.

Platforms to Follow for Informative Climate News

Whether it be through mainstream media or social media, how we consume climate news is different for us all. I personally flit between a range of websites. As well as a core variety of social media platforms that offer a wide perspective on the climate crisis day-to-day; these particular platforms are what I am toContinue reading “Platforms to Follow for Informative Climate News”

Planet Positive News 2: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond

With the tail end of last year and the beginning of 2021 being a little bleak to say the very least, in the spirit of looking up, staying positive and trying our best to ignore all the world’s turmoil, today I have put together a second list of news that has broken over the pastContinue reading “Planet Positive News 2: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond”

Be a Little More Sustainable This Christmas

Well hello, we’ve blinked and suddenly the festive season is upon us (well that’s how it feels like for me!). How the bloody hell did that happen? As with every year, it’s always nice to get into the Christmas spirit. Buy gifts for loved ones and overall reflection on the year that’s passed. Well perhapsContinue reading “Be a Little More Sustainable This Christmas”

Planet Positive News: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond.

Being positive in 2020 can often feel like an alien concept to us all. With an ever locked-down world and more and more mentally draining hurdles to overcome, this in the forms of socialising and going about our everyday. It can feel especially negative with the ever dreary Environmental news, seeing the dangers our pleasantContinue reading “Planet Positive News: Sustainably, Environmentally & Beyond.”

A Sustainable Kitchen: Where to Start & Tips to Change

Beginning the journey to lowering the waste you create in the kitchen can be a minefield. Often the Kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where your hearty dinners are made, where friends will sit for a much-needed coffee and a catch-up. It’s also the one room of the house that never stays cleanContinue reading “A Sustainable Kitchen: Where to Start & Tips to Change”

Navigating Sustainability as Lockdowns Begins to Ease

Originally published in August 2020. With the UK lockdown beginning to ease and our freedom to leave the house being handed to us more and more each day, the raise in questions on how to navigate this strange period in time, comes in its droves. I find myself (as you probably do too) questioning myContinue reading “Navigating Sustainability as Lockdowns Begins to Ease”

HOW TO: Have a Low Waste Pamper Evening

Originally published in August 2020. Despite life still seemingly on the slower side now compared to usual, there’s still nothing wrong with having a good ol’ pamper evening. I find one extremely necessary on occasions, to make myself feel good again and get that fresher feeling back. With this, it is incredibly important to me, to considerContinue reading “HOW TO: Have a Low Waste Pamper Evening”

The Importance of World Rainforest Day 2020

Originally published 22 June 2020. Hello everyone!  I have a question, were you aware, that today, June 22nd, is World Rainforest Day? It is an incredibly important day to spread awareness and help everyone realise the danger our rainforests are in at present.  By now, we are all aware of the continuous need to beContinue reading “The Importance of World Rainforest Day 2020”

Low Waste Etsy Shop Picks

Originally published in May 2020. In the spirit of supporting small businesses, which is more important than ever at the moment, today I wanted to create a post about my Etsy ‘Low Waste Shop’ picks, I’ve either bought from, lusting after or eyeing up! I find Etsy such a great platform to buy from, withContinue reading “Low Waste Etsy Shop Picks”

5 Fashion Brands with Positive Supply Chains

Originally published in May 2020. With the world currently turned on its head and most of us have some form of financial stress, clothes shopping may not be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. But, that’s not to say there aren’t a few of you out there looking for a little pick-me-up. Of course, withContinue reading “5 Fashion Brands with Positive Supply Chains”

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