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Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market

In the world of sustainability, new products are coming to market at a rapid pace, more and more as our planet’s climate woes continue. Adopting a low waste lifestyle has never been more important, with shampoo bars are great swap to start off. I’ve compiled five low waste shampoo bars currently on the market, whichContinue reading “Low Waste Shampoo Bars on the Market”

Package-Free Cleaning by NeerSol | The Low Waste Trails

[This post contains gifted product and affiliate links] Investing in package-free cleaning and moving away from buying a new bottle of your Dettols or Methods everytime you run out, is the single best thing you can do to be a more sustainable cleaner. The pandemic may have heighten our want for cleanliness, but that shouldn’tContinue reading “Package-Free Cleaning by NeerSol | The Low Waste Trails”

Flat lay image of a shampoo bar, with box. Hair brush to the right of shampoo bar. Leopard print material in background on the right and page magazine to the left.

The Low Waste Trails: Shampoo Bar by Zero Waste Path

Shampoo Bars. It’s been a love/relationship for me; love the idea, hate how my hair has felt. I previously tried a shampoo and conditioner bar by B&S and hated them. No matter how long I persisted, my hair was greasy and wouldn’t clean. So, I begrudgingly moved back to bottled shampoo… But, leaving this inContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Shampoo Bar by Zero Waste Path”

High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes

With a wave of consciousness beginning to filter its way onto the high street, more and more are we seeing schemes in place to prompt recycling. From supermarket recycling bins to schemes with generous rewards. Lowering waste is no longer something you have to go out of your way to do. The chances of yourContinue reading “High Street and Supermarket Recycling Schemes”

As Our Land Fills, Where Will Our Rubbish Go Then?

It will come as no shock to you right now to learn that our Landfill sights are nearing the point of bursting. The world is creating too much rubbish for the amount of space we have to bury it, and we simply cannot continue this way. What sparked the inspiration for this article was theContinue reading “As Our Land Fills, Where Will Our Rubbish Go Then?”

A Sustainable Bathroom: Where to Start & Tips to Change

In a continuation of my ‘Where to Start & Tips to Change’ mini-series here on The Low Waste Weekly, today we’re covering the Bathroom. With suggestions on how to reduce your plastic, waste and overall alter your habits to steer towards being kinder to the planet. My bathroom is still nowhere near as sustainable asContinue reading “A Sustainable Bathroom: Where to Start & Tips to Change”

The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free Cleansing Face Bars by Ethique

Ethique may be a brand you are familiar with by now. Their bright plastic-free packaging and amazing work done for the sustainable shampoo/skincare industry is second to none. I’ve been eyeing up their products for quite a while and finally visited one of their stockists; Holland & Barrett to finally buy something from them! AsContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free Cleansing Face Bars by Ethique”

The #Project10Pan Makeup Challenge

A few weeks back I wrote an in-depth post on a Sustainable makeup bag, how to go about streamlining your collection, cutting down on its plastic content and overall auditing the products you choose to use and invest in. Similarly, I today wanted to show the contents of my makeup bag. Well, the 10 productsContinue reading “The #Project10Pan Makeup Challenge”

A Sustainable Makeup Bag: Where to Start & Tips to Change

[Image by Anna Shvets on Pexel] Sustainability within the beauty industry only up until recently, seems to truly be filtering in and change slowly but surely being seen. Whether this be big brands launching refills to their best loved products or recycling schemes being rollout nationwide, more sustainable practices are gradually taking effect.. but ifContinue reading “A Sustainable Makeup Bag: Where to Start & Tips to Change”

The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free 2in1 Body Bar by Foamie

In my ongoing quest to reduce waste, I am often intrigued (and very excited) when I discover new brands. Brands that are paving the way for Sustainability, in whichever form. My latest discovery comes in the form of Foamie, a Beauty Bar brand that is 100% plastic-free, vegan as well as being free of allContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Plastic-Free 2in1 Body Bar by Foamie”

The Mounting Issue of Food Waste

Food waste. Not the chicest of topics to have graced this website. But, such an incremental and damaging part in the planets changing climate. It is estimated in the UK alone, 4.5m tonnes of food a year is wasted [source: The Guardian] with all this food ending up in landfill. Where it is left to rot and ultimatelyContinue reading “The Mounting Issue of Food Waste”

How Plastic-Free July Went & Final Thoughts

Originally published in July 2020. With today marking the last day of July, I wanted to reflect back on Plastic-Free July; a movement I spoke about earlier in the month, which aims to challenge people to go as plastic-free as possible throughout the whole of July. Having signed up for the challenge, with me personally aimingContinue reading “How Plastic-Free July Went & Final Thoughts”

Attempting Plastic-Free July & Questioning It’s Possibility

Originally published in July 2020. Hello there & happy July! Slightly scary how fast this year has gone and we’ve spent most of it indoors… probably not a good idea to dwell on that too much right now is it?!   As it’s July, it marks the start of ‘Plastic-Free July’ a movement to prompt peopleContinue reading “Attempting Plastic-Free July & Questioning It’s Possibility”

3 Worthwhile Purchases That Have Helped Me Lower My Waste

Originally published in June 2020. As you may have learnt by now, lowering my everyday waste and leading a more sustainable lifestyle is one of my life’s passions. But what comes alongside this also, is how it helps me save money too – which is a part of lowering waste, people do not realise isContinue reading “3 Worthwhile Purchases That Have Helped Me Lower My Waste”

5 Low Waste Starter Items to Save You Money

Originally published May 2020. Hello, welcome back! Today I have another low waste post for you, but with this being something I actually wrote as part of my third year Final Major Project for university! Part of my FMP idea was creating a Low Waste website which educates on how it can save you MoneyContinue reading “5 Low Waste Starter Items to Save You Money”

The Low Waste Trails: Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner

Originally published in April 2020. Today I wanted to talk a little bit about Zero Waste and Sustainability, specifically a recipe (I think I would called it that?!) of an all-purpose cleaner I have made using only three ingredients. Having found it online, from a website called Gypsy Soul, I’ve been wanting to make my ownContinue reading “The Low Waste Trails: Homemade All-Purpose Cleaner”

Low Waste Skincare: UpCircle Face Moisturiser

Originally published May 2020. Being a lover of all things Sustainability and developing a strong passion for lowering my everyday waste (and overall trying to be as sustainable as is possible for me), when it comes to skincare there is no exception. Having used up my cheaper Olay face cream (which my mum randomly gaveContinue reading “Low Waste Skincare: UpCircle Face Moisturiser”

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