3 Worthwhile Purchases That Have Helped Me Lower My Waste

Originally published in June 2020.

As you may have learnt by now, lowering my everyday waste and leading a more sustainable lifestyle is one of my life’s passions. But what comes alongside this also, is how it helps me save money too – which is a part of lowering waste, people do not realise is a connection. There are so many connotations that the Pinterest-style Sustainable lifestyle costs an absolute arm and leg, with high initially costs and a burden to maintain. Well, some less optimistic people may feel this, yes, but for me I have found a handful of swaps to be incredibly worthwhile as well as helped me save a penny or two too. So, in this post I wanted to show you three items I have made small investments in that have really helped me live a more eco-lifestyle and ultimately save me a little money too..


The first item is an EcoEgg, which is a refillable laundry egg that’s aim is to cut the amount of plastic and chemicals that each load produces with conventional products. The EcoEgg is a hard-plastic egg which you add laundry pellets to, which do not produce any harsh chemical and wash your clothes in a natural way. It can be used for up to 210 washes, with you needing to refill the egg with pellets every 50ish washes.

Upon purchasing the egg, you are given 4 packets of the pellets, with one needing adding initially. It is £12 to purchase, therefore doing the math, you really are saving so much, in terms of cost per wash and being plastic-free (and chemical-free) with each wash too. It of course, doesn’t leave a massive fragrant scent as that is purely down the chemicals in conventional laundry products, but they do have a refreshed scent, so it’s definitely a fab swap to make to your everyday routine.

Washable Makeup Pads

This isn’t new information at this point, it seems a large amount have made the switch to washable makeup pads (which is amazing!) so this doesn’t need a lengthy explanation. But they really are a great eco-switch and if you consider how much you save in not needing to buy endless packets of polluting makeup wipes, its a win-win for everyone.

Signing up to Shaving-Blade Recycling Subscription 

Finally, and this is not necessarily a purchase, but, signing up to Friction Free Shavings blade recycling scheme is definitely been a worthwhile thing for me. The idea is you make an initial purchase of the shaver handle (which you can buy incredibly chic colours and designs, mine even had a free name-engraving on it!) and with this, given 4 blades too.  You then, as part of the subscription can receive 4 additional blades either ever 2 week, 4 weeks, or 8 (depending on how regularly you use your razor) – this at £9 each time. 

When you consider a decent disposable razor (cheap ones notoriously cut up your legs, am I right ladies?!) they can set you back around £5-£10 anyway, therefore for me I spend £9 every 2 months on 4 razor blades which is incredibly cost effective. After you use up 12 blades, you post them back to the company and they recycle them, meaning none end up in landfill. I, myself have around 9 blades used up so am close to sending off my first batch to recycle.   They are definitely worth considering for a more sustainable shaving routine.

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